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Itel – The network operator issued the first number 087

Number 087 belongs to the network Itelecom

Itelecom operator belongs to Indochina Telhay Telecom Joint Stock Company, also known as Indochina Tellà, the 8th operator of our country. This is the latest and only network operator to use the virtual network operator model (MVNO) to link VNPT’s existing infrastructure and has only one number, which is 087.

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Before the policy of planning numbers from 11 to 10 numbers of the Ministry of Information and Communications, the number 087 was formerly the number 0124 of Vinaphone, but after the conversion, the network operator Itel bought this number and changed it. they became their only number to date. However, this number is still used on Vinaphone’s wave infrastructure as well as can be recharged via scratch cards of this network.

Rates and packages of the number 087

Packages and rates for the number 087

The main customers of this number are workers and students who are working and studying in 9 cities and provinces across the country such as Hanoi, Thai Nguyen, Vinh Phuc, Bac Giang, Bac Ninh, and Binh Duong. , Ho Chi Minh City, Long An and Dong Nai, so the rates and packages of this number also have extremely attractive incentives.

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– The price of the number 087

Itel and Vinaphone internal network charges 750 VND/minute block 6 seconds + 1

Out-of-network call charges 1,100 VND/minute International call charges 3,000 VND/minute

It can be seen that the price of this carrier is very competitive with other carriers when it comes to low prices, especially for both on-net, off-net and international charges.

– Package of number 087

In addition to extremely preferential rates, the number 087 also has many extremely preferential packages, specifically as follows:

Package VI30: free on-net calls to Itel and Vinaphone Package VI69: free on-net calls to Itel and Vinaphone May package: preferential package for workers in industrial zones for only 127,000 VND for the first month and Maintenance fee is 77,000 VND/month. Free data 3GB/day, 90GB/month, free on-net calls Vinaphone & Itel

Is the number 087 beautiful?

Many people also wonder if 087 is beautiful to buy and use as the main number sim. Many people have the notion that the number 87 is often not beautiful because they mean a decline in career as well as difficulties in business.

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However, this number is not completely bad because when considering a beautiful number and suitable for the owner or not, we also need to consider the numbers that follow behind. If the numbers behind combine with the owner, those numbers are completely suitable and can bring a lot of luck.

Another opinion is that this number is very lucky for business people when analyzing the three numbers of this number separately:

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0: Zero with a round shape brings fullness and prosperity to users.8: This is a fortune number, bringing positive value to business.7: This is a number The most beautiful in the series of natural numbers, symbolizing the coming luck.

So it can be seen that this number is not too bad, but this beauty depends on each person’s own opinion.

Where to buy number 087?

Where to buy sim card number 087?

For regular digital sims, you can buy directly at the carrier’s stores and agents to get the most standard price. However, the limitation of this method of buying sim is that it will be difficult for you to find sims with beautiful numbers or even buy bad sims that will make your destiny go down.

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So, to buy yourself a sim with a beautiful and suitable 087 number, please contact the website riclix.com, we specialize in providing sim products with all numbers including: beautiful 087 numbers, bringing good luck to those who own them.

Thus, the article has provided the basic knowledge to answer you questions related to the number 087. Hope this article will help you to choose the right sim number for yourself. If you have a need to buy a beautiful Itelecom sim with high quality, please visit the website riclix.com to get the most dedicated advice from our staff!