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Grill and Roasted are two cooking techniques that are often mentioned in outdoor parties when going on a picnic or camping trip. However, Vietnamese people are often confused and cannot distinguish what is the difference between BBQ, Roasted and Grill. Because these three types of grill all use familiar cooking tools such as griddle trays, BBQ grills, dry alcohol, charcoal, …

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What’s the difference between BBQ, Grill and Roasted? Some other common grilling techniques

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What is Grill Grill?

What is Roasted Roast?

Distinguishing BBQ – Grill – Roasted

Other common types of grilling

Necessary items for baking

What is a Grill?

Grill means the technique of cooking food over a fire or hot coals, usually on a metal frame. This is also the cooking method that we often use when doing outdoor barbecues, buffets, etc.

So, with the information that the article provided above has helped you know what roasting and grilling is, right? Hopefully with this article, you can understand more about today’s popular baking methods.

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