You want to see 98% of the traffic of users who have signed up, visited, visited your website. In the list of potential customers, will they leave your website without converting?

Or, can you also sit idly by while 70% of the people who shop for the products displayed on the site abandon their shopping carts?

The answer is definitely not!

You need is an advertising method that will help find and attract your customers. Retain customers who were once interested in the business as well as maintain strong, long-term relationships with them.

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Remarketing is the right advertising marketing tool with the ability to meet all of the above needs!

The way it works, being shown ads of Facebook remarketing is not simple. But the results it brings will definitely surprise you. With many breakthroughs like conversion rate or in revenue. As well as consistent with the process of developing corporate brand.

Don’t leave you curious to find out any more. Now, let’s dig deeper into what is a remarketing ad campaign in this article!

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is one of the most popular forms of Digital Marketing today. With remarketing, marketers deliver ads to users who have previously visited their website or a specific website. But without any other action or manipulation that is transformative.

In other words, a remarketing ad campaign can be remarketing. And you can more effectively target people who have already shown interest in your business or brand, searching for, signing up for, and using your product.

Remarketing can also be seen as a second opportunity for your business to convert, up-sell or retain customers, to those who have already or may purchase, with remarketing campaigns. Online product advertising.

What is the concept of Remarketing?

“Remarketing” may be displayed in various forms of marketing and advertising on many different platforms. Such as Outbrain, of Google adwords – Google ads and Facebook ads.

No matter what form of marketing or advertising you may be searching for or choosing. Then remarketing is still the perfect marketing option in any marketing campaign.

What is the difference between retargeting and remarketing

?Although the words “remarketing” and “retargeting” are sometimes used interchangeably. But in essence, they still have distinct differences.

The biggest difference is in terms of advertising and marketing strategy. Retargeting is mainly about delivering promotional marketing to potential customers. They will rely on web cookie data information while remarketing often relies on email data.

What is remarketing activity? The key is by collecting information your shoppers get. And help you aggregate into a list of customers. This list of them will be used for product sales via email.

However, each form of advertising has its own characteristics. But overall, both remarketing and retargeting are advertising campaigns that deliver significant results. Helping you to promote digital marketing activities as well as improve the company’s revenue.

How does remarketing work

?In this section, I will help you to explain in detail regarding how it works using remarketing ad campaigns. Through the 2 most popular types of marketing campaigns. It is remarketing the number of visitors to the website displayed on facebook. And remarketing the list of information that users regularly interact with on the company’s social networking sites.

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1. Remarketing the number of people who have visited the website displayed on facebook

This is considered one of the most popular forms of remarketing used on Facebook ads.

The way campaign ads work is similar to other regular Facebook ad types. Ads target certain groups of users based on the information they have interacted with on your website.

But instead of using product ads that show up online, you can deliver organic newsfeed interstitial ads to your users that show up as just another piece of content.

The steps you need to take are as follows:

Step 1: Click the menu bar of Facebook Business Manager. Below display the “Assets” section, select “User Objects” displayed as shown in the picture:

Click on “Audiences”.

Select the “Custom Audience” option.

Step 3: Under “Create Custom Audiences”. Select “Traffic to website” displayed as below:

Select “Website Traffic”.

Fill in the information according to the available form of Facebook.

Once installed, the system will reach all traffic/list of visitors they have visited your website within the last 30 days.

If you use this feature, Facebook will create the object as a new object for you. And of course, you can still customize it further if you want more segments.

Step 5: Click on the box showing “All website visitors” to refer to more options:

Click on “All website visitors”.

You can now tailor your ad audience. Based on visits to a specific website, time spent on site and many other factors.

However, using remarketing the list of all visitors to your website (website) displayed on Facebook is not the best option for product advertising. Somewhere among them, there will be people who are not interested in your business brand. Or not interested in the product/service you offer/advertise.

At that time, the advertising campaign for the product you are working on suddenly becomes annoying in their eyes. That’s why you need to make sure you’re reaching the right list of potential customers.

In addition, do not waste time and effort remarketing for “guests” who just want to use free products/services on your list.

Step 6: Set up a custom audience instead. Select the shoppers from the list who went to the product website or the price page:

Most likely, when someone can visit these pages on your website. That means they are really curious about the benefits your product brings.

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Step 7: In addition, you can add the factor of how many times customers visit your website. Shown as below

Step 8: After providing all the necessary information, click the box showing “Create object” to save those changes. Then create some ads for your new product targeting your list of potential customers.

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2. Remarketing the number of people interacting on the company’s social networking sites

Remarketing the number of people who interact on the company’s social networking sites. Help bring in an incredible amount of traffic to your brand awareness.

As you know, social media is a great marketing tool. Help build and promote brands, advertise products to potential customers.

Not only that, with a user base of up to 1 billion people and countless interactions showing every day, it’s not difficult for you to reach anyone on your Instagram and Facebook profiles to serve the process. remarketing.

To remarket the number of people who interact on the company’s social networking sites, you perform steps 1 and 2 similar to when remarketing the number of people visiting the website on facebook (above), only different in step 3, instead of choosing ” Website traffic”, select “Interaction”

In the menu of the “Interaction” section will show you a series of different options. As shown below:

At this point, you may have to look to choose the remarketing advertising method that best suits your campaign’s goals as well as your company’s business needs.

In case you don’t know where to start, “Facebook Pages” is the safest option:

With the most basic and standard options you can get started. And it’s also a great starting point for new users.

In this section, you can choose between several different interactive elements to conduct the remarketing process. Such as:

If you want to reach all of your website visits, choose the first display item. If you want deeper engagement, try creating a remarketing list based on people who have interacted with your posts. fanpage.

In general, choose the target audience list that best aligns with the company’s strategy and growth. It will then be saved as a new object!

That’s all you have to do to establish a list of your remarketing target audiences before continuing with the process of creating a Facebook product ad campaign to reach those audiences.

Benefits of Remarketing

Take advantage of your lost website trafficTarget back the list of people who visited your website and showed interest in the service/product you offerTarget on customers who are more likely to convert on your website Your Make sure your brand is always the first choice. By showing product advertising campaigns to potential customersInexpensive and always available on all platforms and online channelsSuitable for all industriesThrough remarketing, many special offers that are not available are added on first visit. For example product coupons, buy 1 get 1 free, etc. to entice customers to potential lists.

Your website address can attract a lot of traffic. But the reality is, the average conversion rate for first-time visitors is quite low.

According to research on e-commerce website addresses, this conversion rate is only about 1.6%.

This means that even though you get a lot of traffic, the revenue doesn’t improve.

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Because of that, remarketing strategy – remarketing will be the perfect choice to take advantage of all the lost traffic.

Target to people who have shown an interest in your business. It is one of the most effective ways to remind them to come back and interact with the website.

Your retargeting can also be used in all industries and services, not just e-commerce.

When to use Remarketing

?Some marketers have a tendency to continuously run remarketing campaigns – remarketing to all the users who have visited their website but failed to convert ( means not making a purchase, or completing a registration form, or refusing to download a tool)

Others opt for a more advanced and personalized approach. Through pre-defining the criteria for remarketing – remarketing.

For example, these people only run remarketing campaigns to visitors who search for certain pages, such as product pages, or users who visit your site at a certain time of day or year. . Maybe on some special occasion.

Pro tip: With remarketing, avoid annoying potential customers by showing them too many ads. You should set a limit on how many ads can be viewed by each user – preferably no more than two to three times per day.

Cost of Remarketing

Remarketing is not only an effective remarketing promotional method but also a cost-effective way to attract your customers.

In effect, remarketing means that you are targeting your ads to people who have shown interest in the products/services your business is offering.

You were able to achieve the expected KPI result goal. Just target the right marketing goals (potential customers), budgeting in line with the strategy.

Remarketing typically works on a pay-per-click (CPC) model. Pay per impression (CPM) and pay per acquisition (CPA).

With the way it works, you have full control and control over your spending. As well as adjusting bids for each ad campaign based on a specific remarketing list.


Remarketing Facebook might not be so difficult. But sometimes facebook remarketing is boring, time consuming and the conversion rate is not always great.

However, there is one thing we cannot deny that implementing Remarketing helps to save significant advertising and marketing costs. And Facebook is the “life force” to help regain lost revenue.

In other words, remarketing is a truly essential marketing tool. It drives sales goals as well as the entire business development process

And, remember, with remarketing, avoid targeting all customers. The list should be very selective based on the number of URLs, interactions and many other factors.

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I have leveraged remarketing to maintain an online business based on my client list on Facebook. And have achieved certain results.

How about you? Try it out and share your experience with me in this article!

Good luck!

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