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Heading 3 Example

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What is Google Ads? Why should you choose this form of advertising first?

I have the following advice if you are too new to Google Ads: If you want to run it yourself, you can take the course Google Ads search or Shopping Ads (Trending) – Learn online and you can run it yourself.

Viewing: What is Ads?

And if you want to find someone to run ads for you at a cheap and effective cost, you can look to KTcity Ads.

Before reading the article, I have a pretty good video about Google Ads below that you can refer to:

Google Ads (Formerly known as Adwords) has shown a strong role in finding customers for individuals/businesses for many years.

Typically with Google search ads, you can reach customers exactly according to each need, tail marketing using GDN or the most recent trend is Google Shopping.

In this article, I will help you learn more about this highly effective form of advertising.

If you ask me where is the best place to learn about MMO, business, and advertising, click on the link below to see the trend. More than 50,000 people are studying, not just me


Google Search Ads

Also known as search advertising => reach people searching for keywords on Google.

Now the ad template that you have set up will show to users when they search for a certain keyword (You can set it up).

Google prioritizes up to 4 ad display positions:

Google Display Network (GDN)

Is a type of advertising that helps increase brand awareness and effectively follow customers through banners displayed on websites in the partner network of Google.

Ads in these banners will:

There is a relationship with the customer’s behavior of using Google products.Relating to the content of the website that the customer is accessing.As the products that the customer has visited, ads will follow.

As such, Google Display Network has a good use in recalling brands, stimulating curiosity and reminding customers of products/services they are interested in.

Videos Youtube Ads

Youtube is also a product of Google with a large number of users, this is the largest video sharing network today and there is no sign of being usurped by other giants.

Therefore, Google does not ignore the exploitation of advertising here.

GDN is also displayed on Youtube, but the more effective form is Video Ads.

Video Ads appear before or while certain videos are played, you can skip or there are 6 second videos you have to watch all of them:

Video Ads also appear when users search for keywords on Youtube:

Or on the Youtube feed of the phone interface:

Gmail Ads

Gmail Ads is the next form of advertising from Google, especially effective with mid-range & expensive products/services. Eg:

Real EstateInsuranceBeauty salonVehicleJewelryGym courseEnglish coursesDigital productsTravel/resort…

In addition, Gmail Ads is also suitable in technology niches because users in these areas check their Gmail inbox more often.

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Gmail Ads will display as an email sent to your mailing address and stand above other natural mail, appearing in 2 tabs Social & Promotions.

The Gmail Ads ad template is quite beautiful, including images, text, can add videos & call-to-action buttons:

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping is an advertising trend for businesses and individuals with online websites (online stores).

This is a product that Google built with the determination to become an online shopping platform with a search & purchase experience not inferior to leading e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Ebay…

And Google prioritizes the first display position for this type of ad:

Remarket with Remarketing List

To help you advertise more effectively, Google allows you to create remarketing lists to remarket to people who have:

Visit your websiteUse your appWatch Youtube videos you uploadEmail list files you own…and many more customizations

In paid traffic, if you ignore remarketing, you will miss nearly 50% of the sales that can be achieved.

For example, I often visit Grammaly, so they follow me when I read online newspapers.

Audiences who have visited your website, used an app, or watched a YouTube video you upload are far more potential traffic than those who have never interacted.

Now Google Ads allows us to carry out marketing campaigns to follow them, promote the purchase process of the object you want.

Cost of running Google Ads

Google Ads is a type of advertising where you bid to achieve a specific action, such as bidding for:

There is no fixed cost for each of those actions, Google calculates the cost based on a variety of factors:

The field, the industry that you run:Competitive fields such as real estate, cosmetology, tourism, ..will certainly cost more.Bid:Google will prioritize ads that can pay more. (That is, they bid high) Quality of the landing page: The better the landing page is optimized, the cheaper it will be to put Google’s users first. Advertising results: Google relies on click-through rates, time on page, the number of conversions to recalculate the delivery price. If these results get better and better, the cost will be cheaper.

If you’re new, you can let Google automatically deliver according to the recommended bid. Then monitor and adjust manually if necessary.

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For example, if you want Google to automatically distribute to get the most Clicks according to your budget, you can choose Maximise Clicks.

Why is Google Ads effective

?There is no other platform that can know the current customer needs like Google Ads. Google understands that not only through search, but also through the behavior of using other products such as Youtube, Gmail, Chrome, etc.

With Google’s huge data collection & user behavior, ads will of course be shown to audiences very related to the keywords you have set up.

You can target people who:

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There is a specific need for a certain problem. Looking for specific products.

For example on Google search:

Or on Youtube:

With Google Ads’ existing ecosystem of ad types, advertisers can cover almost anywhere a potential audience appears.

Google Search Ads will bring the best results because you will target people searching for specific keywords, especially commercial keywords.

Which ad type to start with

?2 The two highly effective ad types for newcomers to Google Ads are:

Google Search Ads Search Ads Google Display Network Advertising

To save money, you should run search ads first, then remarket to customers with the display network.

Or if you have a large budget, you can run GDN on a large scale to negate the brand identity, then you can run many forms at the same time.

For example, many big brands run Gmail Ads very strongly.

But for those of you with a smaller budget, I recommend only approaching search ads to find the first customers. Then expand the test to other types of ads.

Why is landing page important in Google Ads

?Landing page is the landing page that contains the content you want to convey to customers when they click on the ad.

For physical products, many people use the landing page as an online store:

Or many people use a landing page that is a specific product when a customer searches for the product name keyword. This landing page is suitable for Google Shopping ads:

Expensive products, high profits or services are more carefully invested with professional landing pages:

As you can see, the landing page contains content that reaches directly to the customer. Landing page will help you sell more products, more people use the service because:

Better campaign optimization: Google will measure user behavior on your landing page. If the landing page is optimized, the advertising cost will be cheaper, priority will be given to display. Increase the conversion rate: Professional landing page, bringing trust, there are many factors that increase trust from customers. will bring you more results.

Quality Score, Adrank and how Google ranks ads

When you dig a little deeper into Google Ads, you need to pay attention to how Google ranks ads. From there, optimize everything in accordance with Google’s standards.

In this regard, you need to be familiar with 2 terms: Quality Score & Adrank.

Quality Score

This is a score that represents Google’s rating, which is calculated on a scale of 1-10. Tell me if your ad is good for user search or not?

The 3 components that make up a quality score:

Your ad clickthrough rate (CTR)Ad relevance to user queries (Ad Relevance) Landing page user experience Adrank

The score that determines the position at which your ad will appear on the search results page, calculated by the formula:

Adrank = CPC Bid x Quality Score

CPC Bid: The maximum bid you are willing to payQuality Score: Quality Score.How Google ranks ads

Google ranks ads based on Adrank, the higher the Adrank score, the higher you will be ranked.

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But to have high Adrank score, you have to bid high. If you can’t bid high, you must have an ad quality score good fox.

That is, you will have 2 ways to put ads above other competitors:

Divine Dollar: Every highest bid Invest in ad quality: Optimize landing page, bring value to users when looking for that ad (Google prefers this direction)

Google Ads vs SEO

Google Ads, you already understand, and SEO is a form of website optimization, content to bring your website to the top of search results:

SEO will be behind the advertising results:

To compare SEO or Google Ads more effectively, you should learn through the potential & risks of each form:

About Google Ads:

Potential: Fast results, quick profit, if optimized well => scalability & large profits Risk: Need a budget to rotate capital, don’t know how to run or optimize, you will lose a lot.

About SEO:

Potential: Bringing in abundant & completely free access from Google Risk: Not knowing how to do it will take time, heavy effort

Therefore, it is not possible to say that one form is better than the other. Because many people have good results with Google Ads, but also for many people – SEO is their main source of income.

As for me, I am implementing both of these forms, sometimes I also use Google Ads to supplement SEO.

If you want to learn more about SEO, go to SEO Self-Taught directory

Google Shopping Ads: advertising trends

Google Shopping is the first form of advertising that appears on search results. That confirms Google wants to focus strongly on this form of advertising:

The rule when playing with big platforms is: Where they invest heavily, you should hit it. Just like Facebook, there has been a strong priority for Livestream in recent times.

Therefore, the current price of Google Shopping is very cheap and it is not difficult to implement. And many shops are making good use of this trend

A few notes for your website to be eligible to participate in Google Shopping Ads:

There is a return policy Website with shopping cart (website of the type of e-commerce)Website with integrated online payment methodWebsite with SSL certificate

Detailed instructions: Google Shopping Ads

Where to get started with Google Ads

?Google Ads is a digital marketing skill you can’t do without & there’s a lot of material available.

There are 2 channels to help you start learning Google Ads from A-Z easily:

Online courses at Kyna: I will list a few quality courses at affordable prices below

I highly recommend these courses:

Thus, I have gone through the whole picture of Google Ads, a potential paid traffic channel and brought me a high conversion rate for many years.

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Hope, you have understood the knowledge shared in this article. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below.