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Castle Plaza project includes a complex of Residential – Office – High-class services with a total area of ​​12.17 hectares. In which, the functional area of ​​high-rise high-rise housing occupies an area of ​​54,850 m2, the Commercial – Office – Public service area occupies about 9,238 m2, the School area (including primary and secondary schools) occupies 21,379 m2. the remaining area of ​​13,796 m2 includes trees, gardens and sports.

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The overall perspective of the Castle Plaza project

The project land is planned in the direction of improving the quality of the environment in order to create a lively, modern and harmonious architectural space. The traffic system is reasonably arranged, connected to the road network according to urban planning, forming each functional area to ensure comfort and safety. General information about the project • Total land area: 121,796 m2• Total area for making detailed planning: 113,996 m2• Construction area: 26,579 m2• Urban road construction area according to the master plan: 7,800 m2• Construction density of the whole area: 23.3 %• Average height of the whole area. area: 30.6 floors• Land use coefficient: 7.15 times • Expected population size: 12,300 people • Total investment cost: 10,847 billion VND, of which:* Construction cost: 7,148 billion VND * Equipment cost: VND 773 billion* Project management & other expenses: VND 475 billion* Provision expense: VND 1,931 billion* Site clearance & land use fee: VND 520 billion

Overview of the Castle Plaza project

Location – Utilities – The project is located in a prime location of Hanoi, the area is expected to be the administrative – economic center of Hanoi in the future, located near the National Convention Center, American Stadium. Communal house etc.- The project is located between the arterial traffic routes such as Ho Tung Mau street, Nguyen Co Thach street and Hoang Quoc Viet extension road, located near the access route to Noi Bai international airport, the project owns many advantages and utilities with different imprints compared to other projects of similar scale & function in Hanoi.- The project is located near Metro No. 3 Metro station, expected to come into operation. The project was completed and put into operation at the same time as the project was completed and put into operation.- It is a large-scale project with many modern facilities and services such as kindergartens, schools, commercial and financial centers, community living area and sports center. The project includes an international school area to create a perfect and synchronous living environment.- The construction density of the project is low, only 23.3%, most of the area is for open space & no space. green space – which is the primary concern and preference of residents in all desired facilities and amenities. The investor in the planning & design process has put the customer’s interests first when devoting a large part of the area to trees and a common playground for the residential community in the project.- The project has a layout Full parking is calculated according to the total number of apartments, ensuring plenty of parking for all apartment blocks, each household will have a free parking space.- The project has a heating system. under the floor, is the first and only technology up to this point in Hanoi, meeting and serving the living needs of residents in cold weather in winter, hot in summer in Hanoi, Vietnam.- As expected, Hyundai or Samsung C&T will be the construction contractor and development cooperation partner of the project. These are international brands that have a worldwide reputation.

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Castle Plaza at night viewed from the opposite green park lake

Block A: High-class high-rise residential area – Block A has an area of ​​​​about 26,532 m2, of which the construction area is 8,298 m2, the construction density is 31.0%. Total construction floor area is 330,328 m2. Building height 40 floors (with basement for parking & technical arrangement).- Block A will include 4 blocks of high-rise apartment buildings, in which part of the first floor area of ​​3 apartment blocks is occupied. arranged as a kindergarten to ensure the convenience of transporting the children and the peace of mind of the parents. In the remaining block, there will be 4 floors for commercial services & offices.

Block A at Castle Plaza

Block B: High-class residential area – High-class high-rise housing block Block B has an area of ​​​​about 28,327 m2, of which the construction area is 8,822 m2, the construction density is 31.1%. Total construction floor area is 341,081 m2. The building height is 40 floors (with basement parking & technical arrangement).- Block B will include 5 blocks of high-rise apartment buildings, in which part of the first floor area of ​​3 apartment blocks is occupied. arranged as a Kindergarten & Kindergarten to ensure convenience in transporting children & peace of mind of parents.- It is a 40-storey apartment block with beautiful & modern architecture; The central area of ​​Block B is planned into a square with a wide view, convenient to organize large-scale outdoor events. Between the blocks are connected with each other by green patches of gardens, trees, lakes, internal roads, walking paths… creating a pine green space. throughout the entire area of ​​the project, uniformly connecting the housing areas. Besides, at each block, there is also a multi-purpose sports ground, meeting & satisfying the criteria of modern life from the need for rest to entertainment.

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Block B at Castle Plaza

Block C: Commercial, financial and office center – Office – Public service area (Block C) has an area of ​​about 9,238 m2, of which construction area is 4,156 m2, construction density 45%. Total construction floor area is 120,298 m2. The building height is 40 floors (with basement parking & technical layout).- Block C is a multi-functional building, in which 5 floors are used as service area – shopping, entertainment area, courtyard. musical theater, cinema, restaurant, etc. From the 6th floor upwards is the office area, conference – event center & luxury & high-class apartments.- The building is considered an important highlight at the project’s gateway area with tree space. green and cool, fresh lake, creating a synchronous architectural bond on the main road & aesthetic vision with the planned park.- Around this building, there are many roads with wide road in combination with Public transport such as buses, taxis, etc., bring convenience in commuting, transporting office workers as well as guests to work and play here.

Block C at Castle Plaza

Block D: International School Area – Consists of 02 primary and secondary school blocks, with an area of ​​21,379 m2, of which the construction area is 5,303 m2, the construction density is 24.8%. Total construction floor area 24,046 m2. The height of the building is 4 – 10 floors (with basement for parking & technical arrangement).- The size of the students is according to Vietnam Construction Standards, specifically the number of primary school students is 800 students, the number of junior high school students. 676 students. The total number of primary and secondary school students is 1,476.- The classroom system of each school is arranged separately, with airy natural light design and modern comfortable teaching & learning equipment. . Parallel to the classroom system are auxiliary areas such as physical activities area, club activities, experimental garden combined with indoor and outdoor sports areas .. to help students develop. holistic mind & body. In addition, the whole school area is also equipped with a 24/24 camera system, helping the school to monitor and operate daily activities effectively as well as create peace of mind for parents.

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Block D at Castle Plaza

System of Trees – Amusement – Sports Area: With a total area of ​​13,769 m2, arranged in the central core between residential areas, including many rows of green trees, flower gardens, playgrounds and sports activities. Sports, walking paths combined with water surface space stretching throughout the area not only bring beautiful scenery, in harmony with high ecological aesthetics, but also bring a fresh and cool environment for the whole community. project area.Transportation system: Traffic area is 14,760 m2, including roads with cross section of 24.5 m; 21.25 m; 17.5 m & 12 m internal road for the whole area to meet the current & future traffic needs of the entire project area, synchronously connecting with the traffic system of the neighboring areas. In addition, each block has a parking system in the basement, ensuring enough parking space for each type of building and the needs of visitors.

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Castle Plaza Housing – Office – Service project – is a spacious, modern, synchronous urban area in terms of technical infrastructure, architecture, environment & social infrastructure. Improve living conditions & living environment of people in the project area & neighboring residential areas.- Technical system of the project includes electricity supply, water supply and drainage, noise treatment, communication system of each functional area of ​​the project are the new & most advanced technologies.- The traffic system is reasonably arranged, connected to the road network according to urban planning, forming each functional area to ensure comfort. – The system of green trees, water surface, playground, walking path, etc. is arranged in accordance with the nature of high-class apartment housing, environmentally friendly.- Housing Project – Offices – Castle Plaza services, after being completed & put into use, will contribute to the formation of a modern urban area, with a synchronous technical infrastructure system, creating a beautiful landscape space image, harmony of ecological environment & urban beauty.