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Same type of apartment area, in the same project, but Goldmark City apartment buyers are falling into a price matrix with a difference of up to hundreds of millions of dong/apartment.

Just type the name of the Goldmark City project on the Google search keyword, and viewers will easily fall into a matrix about this project. Along with the impressive search results of up to 505 thousand results in just 0.21 seconds is a matrix of apartment selling prices of countless realtors.

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The strange thing is, many ads claim to be “exclusive” or the official distributor of this project!

To verify the information, in the role of a home buyer, BizLIVE reporter had discussions with 2 units that are said to be the official distributors of the Goldmark City project and also 2 famous real estate exchanges. most famous in Hanoi area today.

Talking to BizLIVE, Mr. T, who introduced himself as Sales Manager (Transaction Office and Goldmark City project introduction) of the STDA Real Estate Exchange System, said that his side is the exclusive distributor of the project. project and has been widely advertised in the press, other exchanges are just partners participating.

According to Mr. T, the price of apartments in Goldmark City is currently from 22 to 28 million VND/m2, including VAT, maintenance fee and basic furniture.

The highest price is 28 million VND/m2 for apartments with small area, according to Mr. T, this is the type of apartment that customers compete to buy without selling.

“If you are really interested in the project, you should decide early and make a deposit to buy it because my project is very hot, with many incentives and high discounts. I’m afraid I won’t be able to make a decision if I’m slow to decide, “said Mr. T.

According to this employee, up to now, STDA has sold nearly 400 apartments in the Goldmark City project, most of which are apartments with beautiful locations.

However, still with the same question, the BizLIVE reporter approached a salesperson of the Northern Dat Xanh Real Estate Exchange (the unit was introduced as a partner to join in the sale of Goldmark City apartments). with STDA), there was a significant difference in the selling price of apartments.

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Ms. C, an employee of the Northern Green Land Floor, said that the current selling price of Goldmark City apartments is only from 22-26 million VND/m2, including VAT, maintenance fees and basic furniture.

The selling price depends on the area of ​​the apartment, the number of floors and the location; The highest price is 26 million VND/m2 only for apartments with small area, the larger the area, the lower the selling price will be.

On the other hand, on a website for sale of Goldmark City apartments with the address (whose contact address introduces himself as the Max Land Real Estate Exchange), the apartment price here is given. is 27 million VND/m2.

Thus, the same type of apartment, in the same project, home buyers had to spend a difference of up to 2 million VND/m2. With an area structure ranging from 68 – 152m2, the difference between the two distribution units has reached hundreds of millions of VND per apartment.

That’s not to mention, with small, affordable apartments that are usually easy to sell out first, many buyers later have to pocket a few hundred million dong more to look forward to owning an apartment.

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With the scale of the whole project up to about 5,000 apartments, if the price matrix is ​​still launched as above, home buyers will suffer great losses, on the other hand, investors and brokers will make tens of thousands of profits. even hundreds of billions of dong because the channel has a selling price.

Besides the words advertised for this super project, one of the most outstanding features of Goldmark City that is easy to remember is the fact that the project is located right next to Mai Dich cemetery and a new funeral home. put into operation on the extended Le Duc Tho street.

According to an expert on feng shui, the Vietnamese are inherently taboo, the fact that the project is located right next to a large cemetery will certainly make many people hesitate before deciding to pay down.

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“Those who have money or who have difficulty having to borrow to buy have the same mentality. If the capital is available, they will immediately choose another place to buy to avoid bad luck. On the contrary, those who have little money, have to save money for many years, even take a loan from a bank to have a stable house, not many people want to stay next to the cemetery for life”, the feng shui expert said. accumulate.

Not only that, although it has opened for sale in 2 stages, the first time was about 4 months ago, but up to now, Goldmark City still has not had a model house for customers to see.

Therefore, besides the advertisements from the real estate agent, the project has only just emerged from the ground 1-2 floors, so customers can only imagine everything in the future apartment on paper or a table. stop.

On the other hand, in addition to the location factor to consider, the current selling price at Goldmark City is not cheap compared to other projects in the same area.

A longtime land stork in Cau Giay area, Tu Liem revealed, with 2 billion, buyers can many other easier choices such as: Green Stars (2,000 apartments), FLC Complex Pham Hung (500 apartments), Sun Square Le Duc Tho (500 apartments), MB Land My Dinh (400 apartments), Scitech , Vinaconex 7 …

Moreover, these projects all have beautiful locations, right in front of major roads, not near cemeteries, especially all invested and developed by well-known companies with many years of reputation in the field. housing construction sector.

Meanwhile, both Viet Han Company and TNR Holdings Vietnam are still considered newcomers in the field of housing development.

Another minus point for this project is that, before renaming to Goldmark City, the project, originally named Castle Plaza 136 Ho Tung Mau, was abandoned for more than 3 years because the investor did not construct.

Not only that, in August 2014, the Hanoi Department of Natural Resources and Environment also listed this project on the list of land recovered due to the violation of “three years behind schedule and not fulfilling financial obligations”. prescribed by law”.

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According to the recommendation of a director of a real estate trading floor in Hanoi, for projects with a history of “sticking”, even if the construction resumes with a lot of promise, buyers also need to Be very careful before deciding to put money down.

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By the end of 2020, the total official sales volume recorded only nearly 15,400 apartments, less than half of 2019.

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