Goldmark City apartment complex occupies an area of ​​54,850m2, is arranged into 2 areas North and South, beautiful and modern architecture including 40-storey apartment blocks (with basement for parking and carefully arranged. engineering), low construction density of only 23.3%.

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Goldmark City Apartment – ​​Project Perspective

Design of apartments

A part of the first floor of 3 apartment blocks is arranged as a kindergarten to ensure the convenience of transporting children and the peace of mind of parents.

At the rest of the building, 4 floors will be reserved for commercial and office services. The central area of ​​block A is planned to be a square with a wide view, convenient to organize events. Large-scale outdoor space. Between the blocks are connected by green patches of gardens, trees, lakes, internal roads, walking paths… Besides, these buildings also have multi-sports fields. power…

The campus around the Goldmark City apartment building

The design of each floor has only 16-18 apartments/floor, flexible area from 68m2 to 161m2, designed from 2 to 4 bedrooms with modern design ensuring 100% natural sunlight and wind circulation. very good for health, high-class interior system and modern equipment such as fireproof steel doors, noise-proof 02-layer windows.

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Designing Block A

Block A has a height of 40 floors including 4 towers: A101, A102, A103, A104

Types of apartment areas include: 68, 78, 94, 104, 116m2, with designs of 2 – 3 bedrooms, suitable for the diverse needs of households.

Block A apartment block Goldmark City – 136 Ho Tung Mau

Designing Block B

Block B has a height of 40 floors including 5 towers B201, B202, B203, B204, B205

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Apartment area: 104, 110, 121, 154m2 designed with 3-4 bedrooms, suitable for the diverse use needs of young households and families living together for many generations.

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Goldmark City Apartment – ​​Block B: B201, B202, B203, B204, B205

Developed with the aim of reaching out, becoming the most unique and attractive real estate project in the western area of ​​Hanoi, Goldmark City is not only an ideal space to live and relax with convenient amenities. the area but also provides an ideal business location. Besides, the investor of the project also pays great attention to creating a fresh space, close to nature. Goldmark City is the only project that gives residents a Singaporean space in the heart of Hanoi, satisfying a green, civilized and dynamic life.