According to Eastern philosophy, choosing the year of birth for a child should pay attention to the elements of the five elements, the celestial body, and the chi of both parents to see if it is suitable for the child. The five elements of parents should be compatible with their children. The parent’s celestial body and earth chi should match the child’s celestial can and chi. Normally, children who don’t get along with their parents are Tieu Hung, and parents who don’t get along with them are Dai Hung. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid Dai Hung, if necessary, choose Tieu Hung, peace is neither conflicting nor incompatible with children, it is best to be mutual and compatible with children.

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What age are you born in 2017

?Born in 2017 under the age of the Rooster, par Hoa, men with ANH, THIUY, CAN, and THI women born at the beginning of the year have a lot of good health, born at the end of the year. years of career success have many luck and advantages, and conflict or not depends on each person’s destiny.

What is the destiny of giving birth in 2017

?In 2017 is coming, do you know any information about the destiny of 2017 yet? and the list of sims suitable for you? Let’s find out more about this information with

Year 2017: Dinh Dau means the age of the Rooster – Independence Chi Ke – the chicken.

Destiny of Five Elements: Son Ha Hoa – ie Fire – Fire at the foot of the mountain.

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What is the fate of giving birth to a son in 2017

?Cung Menh: Kham Thuy

Good direction:

Orientation East – Heaven (Encounter with heaven and protection) South direction – Dien Nien (All stability) Southeast direction – Vitality (Fantastic blessing) North direction – Restoration (Get help)

Bad direction:

Northeast direction – Ngu Quy (Having disaster). Northwest direction – Luc killing (house with murderous intent). West direction – Harm (house with weapon). Southwest direction – Absolute death (Death).

Suitable colors: White, cream, silver, etc. belong to the Kim element (mutual – good). Dark blue, black, gray, belong to the element of Water (prosperity – good). Taboo colors: Yellow, brown belong to Tho (Contrast – bad). Numbers suitable for age: 1, 6, 7

What is the fate of giving birth to a daughter in 2017

?Destiny: Can Tho belongs to the West Tu par.

Good direction:

North East direction – Restoration (Helped) Northwest direction – Heavenly medicine (Encounter with heaven and protection) West direction – Dien Nien (All things are stable.) Southwest direction – Vitality (Full blessing. )

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Suitable colors: Red, purple, pink, orange belong to the Fire element (mutual – good). The colors yellow, brown, … belong to the Earth element (prosperity – good). Numbers suitable for age: 2, 5, 8, 9

What is a good day to give birth in 2017

?Birth on the day of the Rat: People born in the year of the Rooster born on this day in their life will have many happy and lucky things. However, due to the Zodiac star’s destiny, if you follow a business career, it is difficult to prosper. Born on the day of the Ox: People born in the year of the Rooster born on this day usually have little luck, their career is not stable, everything is difficult to succeed. Tiger day: Born on this day, people born in the year of the Rooster have a lucky number, when in danger, they often get help from others. However, it is necessary to prevent illness and constant illness. Born on the day of the Rabbit: People born in the year of the Rooster born on this day have bad luck, or are harassed and damaged by petty people. The family is not stable, easy to face challenges and storms. Born on the Dragon day: People born in the year of the Rooster born on this day are blessed by the horoscope star, so in life everything goes smoothly and successfully. There are times when there are difficulties and dangers, but they are all protected. Born on the day of the Snake: On this day, there is a star called the White Tiger, so people born in the year of the Rooster will have their fortunes destroyed, and in life they will encounter many disasters. Should be careful in career and family life. Born on the day of the Horse: People born in the year of the Rooster born on this day often have good luck, a happy life, everything is favorable, easy success, and a lucky star. If you are illiterate, you should always be protected and maintained. Born on the day of the Goat: According to, the Rooster is a kind, gentle, honest person but has a lonely fate; a leisurely, frugal life. Born on Monkey Day: Born on this day is usually a person with a strong personality, sometimes aggressive, luck ups and downs, must wait patiently for the opportunity to build a great career. .Born on the day of the Rooster: People born in the year of the Rooster born on this day often have a plump figure, a healthy body, a peaceful and generous personality; People born in the year of the Rooster are born on the day of the Dog. Born on the day of the Pig: People born in the year of the Rooster are born on the day of the Pig. Pigs are often significant. The number has fortune and a prosperous career. But if you fail, your life will go downhill quickly.

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What is the best month to give birth in 2017

?Rooster people are often their true selves. There are not too many mysteries in the personality of this animal: they are not too complicated, nor too deep; rather they are very frank and open.

January: People born in the year of the Rooster born in the early spring period usually have good health, are good at communicating, good at calculating things, and have a full material life. The fate of babies born in January 2017: Smart, active, thoughtful, careful but indecisive. There are few but career advancement, prestigious job, family harmony, fun. However, in life, it is not inevitable to have trouble. Need to take precautions Unusual incidents may happen.February: Born in Kinh Trap period, a person is active, benevolent, and has a favorable life; success in business. The fate of babies born in February 2017: Born in the Trap Kinh period, dragons fly to the sky, so their fortunes are satisfied, they have authority, prestige, and are respected by everyone. If you meet the opportunity, you will make great karma.March: Born in Thanh Minh period, a person is very smart, sensitive, has the ability to improvise flexibly. This person enjoys ancestral blessings, early fame, an affluent life, and a large number of children and grandchildren. The fate of babies born in March 2017: A peaceful, discreet, intelligent, strong-willed, reliable person. There are a number of people who are more noble than others, pass high, and make great achievements. April: Born in Lap Ha period, he is a man of character, with literary talent and commanding ability. Due to his pride, he is unpopular with people. In life, he often encounters danger. There are few good fortunes and many bad ones. Babies born in April 2017 are people who have the will to move mountains to fill the sea, have the talent to expand heaven and earth, pacify the world, defeat the East and clear the North, and have illustrious majesty. Some have met the right time, are blessed by heaven, have a prosperous family. May: A sociable person, calm temperament; Although the material life is full, the work is not satisfactory and the afterlife is hard. This person, if only thanks to the blessings of his ancestors, but does not rise up on his own, he will only have short-term success. June: People born in the year of the Rooster born in the Tieu Tri period are often less fortunate, things are not favorable, they are sad a lot. little fun; If you know how to keep yourself, you will avoid disasters in life. As a person with floating fortunes, dilemma, difficult career, difficult to get rich. You can make a career but you have to meet the right time.July: Born in Lap Thu period, a person is smart, sensitive, willful and decisive. If you know how to try to rise, you will have a high income and become rich. In short, if you give birth in the Lap Thu period, your baby will be a wise person, a master of industry, bolder than others. The number of people with full fame and profit, it is difficult for small people to plot harm.August: A person who is smart, agile, has the will to overcome difficulties and hardships. Life is usually good, career is successful, fame is complete. Babies born in August 2017 will be people with outstanding talent, high will, affluence and courtesy. Number of traveling to the four seas, enjoying the blessings of heaven. If you become a leader, you will be very successful. September: Born in Han Lo period, you are independent, wealthy, and have many advantages. If you know how to rise up in life, the path to fame and fortune will be open, and your whole life will be happy and blessed. Babies born in September 2017 are assertive, fair, thoughtful and gentle people. There are a number of good plans, wealth, wealth, and advantages on the way to promotion.October: People born in the year of the Rooster born in the Lap Dong period have talent but in life they encounter many unhappy things. If you want to succeed, you must rely on the help of others. If you give birth in Lap Dong period, you usually have a meek and independent personality, although you have great talent, you will not be aggressive, the number is difficult to succeed in your career. November: People born in Dai Tuyet period are famous and successful in their career. unstable, difficult fate, facing many disadvantages, must self-mobilize. People born in November 2017 have a lonely number, no way forward, although they have strength but difficult to do, have wills but work in vain. December: Born in Tieu Han period, often have more talents than people, however difficult to succeed in career. This number has good fortune but short destiny, it is difficult to enjoy full happiness. Babies born in 2017 will be noble people but do not meet the times. If you know how to promote your ability and patience, you will achieve success, but not great.

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