“Give away” means to give something for free. We still often feel interested in “give away” games. So, let’s find out what “give away is” through the following article of Vieclam123.

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1. What is give away

?Give away (give something free) means to give something for free.


You can give the old clothes away if you don’t wear them anymore. (You can give away old clothes if you don’t wear them anymore)

The Youtuber gives away two sets of cosmetics for any two audiences. (Youtuber gives 2 sets of cosmetics to any two audience)

Give away also means to reveal a secret.


Don’t give away the ending of the movie, I want to watch the movies by myself. (Don’t reveal the ending of the movie, I want to see it myself)

Why can you give away my secret? (Why would you reveal my secret like that?)

Structure: Give something away = give away something.

2. Other “give” phrases

The verb Give also comes with a number of other prepositions to form phrases with different meanings.

2.1. Give way

Give way: badly damaged, broken due to carrying, carrying too heavy


The boards in the old wooden bridge gave way because of the heavy rain last night. (The planks on the old wooden bridge were badly damaged after last night’s heavy rain.)

Give way: to withdraw, to make a way for someone or something


The clouds will give way to sunshine tomorrow. (Dark clouds will give way to sunshine tomorrow)

2.2. Give out

Give out means distribute, distribute

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Example: Organizers gave out the gifts in the end of event. (The organizer distributes the gifts at the end of the event)

2.3. Give in

Give in: agree

Example: If they ask you for your contact, don’t give in. (If they ask you for your contact, don’t agree).

2.4. Give up

Give up: give up


I give up drinking alcohol. (I give up drinking too many alcoholic beverages)

2.5. Some other phrases

give a cry: to shout

Give a start: startle

Give a look: look

Give birth to: to give birth

Give encouragement: encourage, encourage

Give an order: to order

Give a groan: groan

Give a push: push, push up

Give a jump: jump up

Give permission: allow

Give a sigh: sigh

Give one’s attention to: pay attention

Give a loud laugh: laugh out loud

Give back: give back

Give it up to: give it up

Give onto: give up

Give of: give

Give off: give it to

Give over: to radiate

3. Meaning of “give away” in business

In the economic industry, “Giveaway” is understood as “gift goods, gifts, cheap goods, advertising samples”. In business activities, we often see many businesses using this “give away” method to give away free products to consumers. When watching Youtubers review products and products of the business, the audience also has many opportunities to receive give away products. So what is the purpose of giving away to customers? Let’s find us.

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The purpose of the Give away activity is to promote the image of the brand in companies, organizations and individuals and especially to introduce products. This is considered a part of marketing communication programs to mediate the marketing activities of businesses.

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Samples of advertisements can be highly effective for corporate image promotion. It allows users to have the opportunity to experience a new product, a new brand in a completely free, comfortable way. This is really an interactive experience, not like other sales promotion techniques like coupons.

Giveaway programs are often run on social networking sites such as Facebook, the company’s Fanpage or Youtube videos. Give away form is often organized such as creating minigames, guessing lucky numbers, guessing match scores, etc.

Some benefits that consumers/audience receive when having “giveaway” products such as: using the product completely free of charge, without payment or providing personal information and still can use it. Use genuine products legally.

Examples of some Give away activities of businesses:

Energy drink production company Redbull deploys distribution of free advertising samples at music and sports events

Innisfree company sends customers cosmetic products when customers buy their products with invoices of a certain value.

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So, above is Vieclam123’s explanation of “What is Give away”. This is a very familiar phrase and you will surely come across many times when shopping or participating in a certain program or event. Hope this article has brought you useful information.