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Many of you ask what is generosity? Because no one has ever heard of it before.

Generosity is simply giving without calculation, letting go to start over. Generosity is not being greedy, not selfish, not individualistic.

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Tony has 2 friends named A and B, both owners of 2 large trading companies. Both divorced after a period of living with their wives. On the day of parting, everything with Mr. A was split in two. The two children divided and raised one each, his chopsticks took 1 wife and 1 piece, even the ginger root in the refrigerator was broken in half. What cannot be divided, such as televisions, refrigerators, water heaters, etc., he measures the rice and sets the price by the purchase price. The wife refused, saying that the purchase price of 5 million is now second hand only 2 million, arguing loudly and negotiating, in the end the wife has to accept the 3 million and return him 1.5 million. Looking at the luggage he carried out of the house, carrying his belongings, hanging around with his little daughter, everyone looked very sympathetic. He also made money from his business, but he could not develop. He makes money mainly from snapping orders with competitors. He sat and sighed, saying why didn’t I become a billionaire? His face is so smart, wilted in the Saigon sunshine in January…

Mr. B also divorced, left all his fortune to his wife, walked out of the house and that night rented a hotel to sleep, starting from scratch. His generosity was met with terrible criticism from his parents, who called him “an idiot like never before”, “a stupid thing, a head only for wearing a hat”. He chuckled, because he knew that his ex-wife continued to raise children, and that he was a man, he had to know how to give up generously. Up to now, his company is getting bigger and bigger, customers are more and more, competitors also respect, he shares orders with them, they share orders with him. Go to buy, if he is out of stock, or does not have it, he will refer to another supplier. People owe a debt of gratitude that can’t be paid off…

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Proudly proud

There are 2 great powers of a human.

One is the power of taking, the power of taking. Trying to study to get a degree, to have erudite knowledge, make a lot of money, buy this and that… from empty hands, many people have had everything they ever dreamed of, with the power of taking into this. But there is a greater power, which is giving, the power of giving. Being on the peak of glory, many people are ready to give up everything, to return to their hometown to live a comfortable life, but people call them foolish. The great wise man Nguyen Binh Khiem once wrote “we are foolish, we find a deserted place. Nguoi khon nguoi den chon lao xao”.

There was a certain beauty queen who finished her coronation, after 2 years of paying all her charity obligations, going abroad to study, getting married and having children, refusing all interviews or appearing in crowded places, living peacefully with the vocation of a beauty queen. woman as nature has given her. Tony really admires her, because she has let go of the beautiful compliments, the lipstick, the supercars, the colored lights and the glittering dollars, she has given up the lavish vanities to to value his own peace… That must be a formidable power of a class person.

Tony knows a popular MC. You are HOT, so you run the number continuously, appearing in every program until smooth. The audience began to chill, because every sentence was similar to another. Tony advised me to take a break for a while, study abroad and come back 2 years later, host the program in English, you’re afraid, tell me to try to exploit a little more money. For you, the power of taking is too great for the power of giving, so you end up in a dead end career, because talent has no recovery time.

Another friend of Tony’s is a university lecturer, he accepted to be a lecturer. He taught in the morning and evening, and did not have time to rest and read books to improve his level, so he talked and talked all the time… Then he was working hard, while giving a lecture, had a stroke and had to have an emergency. The other coins also took off hats along with the hospital’s lengthy bills. Now I lie at home, rowing alone, and then always say if, if only…

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Ready to let go

Letting go is really hard, it takes practice. Letting go does not mean losing, but “having room” to receive something greater. But many people with petty peasant ideas, afraid of “losing both their lead and their fishing nets”, try to cling, narrowing their minds, personal selfishness and helping greed conquer all their minds, melancholy and delusional. , regardless of what is right and what is wrong.

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As entrepreneurs, we have to learn to be ready to give, to be ready to let go. For that, it took a few moments. Lost it, a few moments. When I was born, I was naked. New people wear gold and silver and wear lipstick, but when they die, when they go to the chest to lie down, they are just white cloths wrapped around their bodies. The old kings and kings buried them with silver and gold, but their graves were not safe because thieves kept digging.

A person’s whole life strives, you can rest assured. What’s mine is mine, what’s not mine can never be kept. Even my own, class that I DARE to give up everything to start over, I have talent, will, and health, what are you afraid of?

The program “Winter warm clothes” is a business training program, generous behavior for young people. So when the goal is completed, you must immediately let go, so that your mind can learn something else, bigger and more difficult. Many of you find the agricultural business is so good, every week, you earn a few million, so you separate to do it yourself, also go to the mountains to buy and sell the same things, say texting BTC saying “busy, don’t volunteer anymore dental”.

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There was even an admin of a certain group, after completing the task, still adamantly did not cancel the page according to the general rules of the game, saying “what a fool, this page has so many likes, I am selling a lot of orders”. BTC requests, you say “I’m keeping the password, I won’t cancel it” despite the other friends obeying because according to you “they are stupid, they just quit, this is not stupid”.

Learning to be an Entrepreneur

The study is still long, Tony intends to teach dozens of episodes, dozens of different programs to become a big businessman later. The society is vast, there are still many business areas, not just agricultural products, but that’s just the first exercise, how can I absorb the other exercises. Tony asks you to close the page because it’s a volunteer page, the program has to be closed after the business ends, you reply “I will post it on my page, anyone who is your guest who has liked this page is unlike, the rest is my guest. Last month, I didn’t know how to do business, so I pretended to study with you, now that I know, please let me do business. This page is mine. End”.

Tony was afraid to sweat. Then again received the blame of the Admin, said uncle, in the past, when I created the page, I said that in order for the BTC to manage the password, my uncle said only, must believe the young people. Are your eyes bright now, are your eyes bright?

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Tony burst into tears. Rubbing my eyes for a long time, my eyes are still not bright. When I went to Vu Quat Luong’s Vietnamese dictionary, I looked at what magnanimity meant and saw that he wrote: “Pride is the act of being kicked into a deep trench and then delirious”.

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