(Source Vinhomes.vn) Vinhomes Gardenia My Dinh is the biggest highlight of Hanoi’s real estate market in the last days of 2016. Vinhomes Gardenia – “The city of dawn, where happiness originates” attracts huge purchasing power of customers. because this is an ideal location that everyone dreams of – a place that brings a new concept of a good life, a luxurious, modern, convenient and classy lifestyle according to European standards.

Viewing: Vinhome gardenia Ham Nghi


It can be said that Vinhomes Gardenia My Dinh is one of the most high-end real estate projects in the West of the Capital that can fully meet the elements of a comfortable and modern life. Detail:

1.Location of Tam Loc – Ngu Phuc of Vinhomes Gardenia My Dinh super project.

Vinhomes Gardenia is located on Ham Nghi Street – Nam Tu Liem – Hanoi, one of the most favorable areas of the capital, likened to “the heart of Thang Long golden dragon” – where energy, prosperity and energy converge. fortune. This is also the green focus, a new landscape symbol at the western gateway of Hanoi – the “new administrative, political and educational center” of the capital with modern infrastructure and leading development potential. the whole country, helping the residents here enjoy blessings, health, prosperity and growth.

Location Vinhomes Gardenia

The location of Vinhomes Gardenia is considered as “three fortunes – five blessings”. Detail:

– “Most nearsighted”: Vinmart shopping centers and Vinmart + stores are right near the house, convenient for shopping for family life.

– “Second near Giang”: Vinhomes Gardenia has one side overlooking the Nhue River, which is always dark green in 4 seasons. A green river makes the view of The Arcadia Vinhomes Gardenia high-rise apartments become more poetic and romantic.

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– “Three approaches”: located right near Pham Hung street and right behind My Dinh bus station, you can go anywhere in and out of Hanoi quickly and easily by many means. and different routes. Especially, only about 30 minutes by car, you can get to Noi Bai International Airport and quickly fly on flights to lands all over the country and the world.

– Wednesday near school: Vinhomes Gardenia residents will be completely assured of their children’s learning because there is a Vinschool right in the project area in a modern, advanced, trained and forged environment. train to become the future owners of the country – the “global residents” are both pink and professional.

– Thursday near the hospital: Vinmec clinic with state-of-the-art equipment and a team of highly qualified medical professionals will be a reliable address to take care of residents’ health 24/7.

2.Vinhomes Gardenia – ideas from nature.

From the image of pure white jasmine flowers full of elegance, nobility but still very friendly and close, Vinhomes Gardenia is designed based on the principle of green – fresh and balanced with a unique “garden concept” created by two World famous design brand CPG (Singapore) and West Green Design (Canada) consulting. The air conditioner is designed on the image of jasmine flower of Vinhomes Gardenia

The jasmine flower symbol is cleverly expressed in landscape design and interior and exterior details to create a typical style for Vinhomes Gardenia, which will bring a balanced and humane ecosystem, for a fully open life. out before your eyes.

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In addition, the “5 in 1” balanced lifestyle with fresh air, safe food supply on site, clean water, civilized community and full living facilities, Vinhomes Gardenia brings give residents the wonderful value of the perfect life.

3. Urban complex at Vinhomes Gardenia project.

Vinhomes Gardenia project has a total area of ​​17.6 hectares, construction density is only about 30% of the area, the rest is green area, landscape and utilities. The project is divided into 2 subdivisions: The Arcadia high-rise apartment building and The Botanica low-rise area.

Overview map of Vinhomes Gardenia project

– The Arcadia Vinhomes Gardenia high-rise area

Including: 3 high-class apartment buildings A1, A2, A3. In which, A1, A2 look at each other, 37 floors high and A3 center building is 39 floors high overlooking Ham Nghi street and low-rise area The Botanica Vinhomes Gardenia. In these 3 buildings, each floor consists of 3 halls, each lobby is 7 apartments with 15 elevators equipped with the most advanced technology today, ensuring a very quick and proactive move. The 3rd floor of each building has 21 apartments, from the 4th to 29th floors there are 20 apartments/floor with diverse area and size, meeting all needs according to the conditions and size of each household. Specifically:

+ 1 bedroom apartment with an area of ​​​​54 – 57m2.

+ Two-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​​​79 – 82m2.

+ 3-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​​​about 110m2.

+ 4-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​​​120 – 129m2.

+ Duplex has an area of ​​98 – 102m2.

– The Botanica Vinhomes Gardenia low-rise area includes:

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+ The adjacent villa area The Botanica: including 65 apartments with an area of ​​​​75 – 300m2 will bring an active life but no less quiet, privacy for the owner. You can admire the splendid and pompous streets while still feeling the fresh atmosphere at the adjacent villa campus with romantic highlights such as: lawn, water lily lake, flower hill, water square , children’s swimming pool and badminton court…

The peaceful adjacent villa area of ​​Vinhomes Gardenia My Dinh project

+ With 172 shophouses along Ham Nghi street and 69 units surrounding The Arcadia with luxurious architecture, spacious facades and reasonable sidewalk area, homeowners can meet both commercial business purposes and needs. A comfortable and luxurious life is required when living in the Gardenia My Dinh villa area. Owners can freely create diverse living spaces and flexibly use the ground floor to open shops or lease offices, while still being able to live comfortably on the upper floors.

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Shophouse Vinhomes Gardenia on Ham Nghi street has been gradually completed

+ Luxury villa area: Vinhomes Gardenia dedicated an area to establish 58 villas for families who want to enjoy the most modern and classy life in the project. The villas are designed with separate walls, Especially, between the villas B7 and B8, the Investor will plant rows of Osaka trees with yellow flowers to create a very unique style for this place to create a sense of serenity for residents. in the Botanica villas.