Genre of 18+ games, adult games have become an entertainment game series loved by many brothers because of the great experiences brought to players. You will be transformed into the characters in the game and discover your own sex life in the most authentic way. Immediately refer to the top 11 hottest 18+ online/offline games for Android, iOS, PC, chosen by many Vietnamese gamers in 2021.

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Hot 18 Game 2021 – Nancy’s Summer VR

Nancy’s Summer VR is an 18+ online/offline game for Android, iOS, PC mundane virtual reality that can be played on both Android and iOS platforms and PC. The content of this adult game is very simple, you will play the role of a travel photographer with his cute, hot girlfriend. 2 of you will go to many places with beautiful scenery around the world from beaches, resorts, nightclubs, etc. to get the best photos.

Game download link: Insexual Awakening v0.0050

Harem Hotel v0.6 PRE-RELEASE 2 sex game

This is the latest version of the game 18 Harem Hotel still with the old storyline you will have to build friendships and win the hearts of 8 beautiful women who will stay at the hotel. This 18 plus game has a lot of sex scenes with lots of costumes for you to substitute for the character.

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The outstanding advantages of the game 18+ Harem Hotel v0.6 PRE-RELEASE 2:

Various costumes for you to choose from. The categories in the 18 sex game are scientifically arranged to help players easily manipulate You will experience the most authentic relationship scenes with beautiful girls. Vietnameseization, large community of players, easy account registration, complete information, few ads, many options for gamers.

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Download link at homepage : Harem Hotel v0.6 PRE-RELEASE 2


The above 18+ online and offline fuck games are interesting options for those of you who want to try real adult products. Most are produced by foreign companies, so the language is not fully supported and due to the nature of the adult game, it is not available on CH Play or Apple Store but requires you to download the APK file from supplier.

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