In recent years, “G-spot” is a word that many people use to refer to a very sensitive position on a woman’s body. The question is: What is a G-spot? Where is the G-spot? How to find and stimulate the G-spot? Why is G-spot stimulation so pleasurable? Let’s go to to learn about this information.

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How to stimulate the G-spot to get her to climax

6 G-spot stimulation aids meet about point WO

What is G-spot?

The G-spot is what people use to refer to extremely sensitive areas of the body. This position was first discovered and known by many people in the 1950s, when doctor Ernst Grafenberg – a German doctor discovered on a woman’s body special positions that When touched, it causes great stimulation to the nervous system. It was one day when he was performing a gynecological examination on a woman, for some reason, but when he accidentally touched a point on that girl’s body, she suddenly appeared extremely happy. pleasure and emit soft moans, almost similar to the moans of a woman when performing sex. That’s also when the concept of the G-spot was born, this is the inner G that stands for Grafenberg’s name and its location is above the female genitals. In English, people call G-spot with the name G-Spot. Since this discovery, many famous books and newspapers have taken advantage of this term to describe the content they want to convey to their readers, making it a popular and almost universal term. considered a “concept” that everyone knows in this day and age.

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At a later time, when more specific research on this issue was realized, it was realized that, with direct stimulation of this position, women could achieve a state of “climax”. ” extremely fast because this is a point of extremely sensitive nature. In addition, on a woman’s body, there are several other locations that are also considered G-spots instead of only one G-spot located in the vagina. And the number of G-spots as well as the specific location of the G-spots will depend on different individuals. There are girls, there are many positions that can stimulate her to have a feeling of pleasure, but there are also women who are quite picky, only 1 or 2 G-spots can create pleasure.

Where is the G-spot

?As the information outlined above has shown, the first G-spot that Grafenberg discovered was a location belonging to the women’s vaginas. It is located very close to the female vulva. Its exact location is just behind the pubic area, right next to the bladder sphincter, and around this point is the urethra – the part parallel to the vagina, responsible for urine excretion. out of the body, the urethra is located between the pubic bone as well as the vaginal cavity. The size of the G-spot will be between 3 and 5cm.

How to find her G-spot

With your hand in the supine position, insert your finger into the vagina about 2 knuckles deep, then hook it from the bottom up, hand up to her navel. Look for a spot where it’s slightly raised, along with its very porous skin, that’s where the G-spot is.

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This G-spot can be stimulated based on 2 ways, one is to use the penis directly to stimulate her, the other is to use the hands as mentioned above. The first case will be used if you are confident that you have a very strong “boy” and can last long enough, if not, just do it manually.

That’s why most guys use their hands to do this, to prevent the risk of premature ejaculation, which displeases both of them.

How to stimulate the G-spot so that she can reach the top

Finding the G-spot will get you half way to getting her to the “top”, but to be able to complete the other half, the G-spot stimulation technique is what you guys need. beard needs to be mastered. In order to perform proficient techniques, it is necessary to cultivate and practice regularly to keep at the highest level.

Manual stimulation

To stimulate the G-spot position in your vagina, it is necessary to put your hand in a curved position and gently massage and gradually increase the level to this position. While performing, it is necessary to pay close attention to the expression of your partner, which can be clearly seen through body and facial gestures to adjust the intensity and speed accordingly. If she shows signs of discomfort, chances are that you are acting with a fairly rapid intensity, causing friction to increase while the secretion of mucus is not enough to lubricate the vagina, leading to pain. .

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While directly stimulating the G-spot from the inside, the other hand also has its own activity, which is to affect the G-spot from the outside. Simple operation is to press lightly on the bone area pub to feel the position of the finger in the vagina. Combine both hands together for the highest possible stimulation effect.

You can also do it expertly based on the live instructions in the video below: