Vietnam is a country with a tropical monsoon climate, rich in fruits and vegetables: oranges, tangerines, jackfruits, coconuts, watermelons, melons, apples, grapefruits, popcorns…

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Some English words for Vietnamese fruits that I know: Pomelo ( Grapefruit ) : pomelo ; Orange: orange ; Mandarin ( Tangerine ): tangerine ; Jackfruit : jackfruit ; Coconut ; Watermelon: watermelon ; Guava: guava ;Durian: durian ; Lemon: yellow lemon; Plum: plum ; Peach: peach ; Apple: apple . Dragon fruit: dragon fruit ; Longan: label ; Pomegranate: pomegranate. Passion fruit: passion fruit. Lychee ( litchi ): fabric ; Custard-apple: custard apple. Mango : mango ; Starfruit: star fruit ; Mangosteen: mangosteen ; Papaya: papaya ; Kumquat: kumquat ; Pineapple : pineapple.(more)

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Have you enjoyed all the sweet and fragrant fruits of your country yet?

Avocado : Butter

Apple : Apple

Orange : Orange

Banana : Banana

Grape : Grape

Grapefruit (or Pomelo) : Grapefruit

Starfruit : Starfruit

Mango : Mango

Pineapple : Pineapple, Pineapple

Mangosteen : Mangosteen

Mandarin (or Tangerine) : Tangerine

Kiwi fruit : Kiwi

Kumquat : Quat

Jackfruit : Jackfruit

Durian : Durian

Lemon : Yellow Lemon

Lime : Green Peel Lemon

Papaya (or Pawpaw) : Papaya

Soursop : Soursop

Custard-apple : Soursop (Na)

Plum : Plum

Apricot : Dream

Peach : Peach

Cherry : Cherry

Sapodilla : Sapodilla

Rambutan : Rambutan


Guava : Guava

Pear : Le

Persimmon : Pink

Fig : Sung

Dragon fruit : Dragon fruit

Melon : Melon

Watermelon : Watermelon

Lychee (or Litchi): Cloth

Longan : Label

Pomegranate : Pomegranate

Berry : Strawberry

Strawberry : Strawberry

Passion fruit : Passion fruit

names of vegetables (collectibles)


A Clove of Garlic: Garlic cloves

Acerola/Barbados cherry: Vietnamese cherries

Allspice (Jamaica pepper, Myrtle pepper): Jamaican pepper

Almond Extract: Almond Oil

Almond Paste: Almond Powder

Alum: Alum

Amberella / Java plum / Great hog plum / Otaheite Apple: Golden toad fruit

Amarelle: German cherry, a very sour fruit (ex: cherries)

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Annatto or Annatto seeds: Colored cashews

Annona Glabra: Vase Fruit

Anise: Anise

Apple: Apples, bombs

Apple Butter: Apple Butter

Apricot: Apricots

Areca Nut: Areca Nut

Aroma: Fragrance

Arrowroot: Canary tree, dandelion

Artichoke: Artichoke plant

Asian Pear: Pear

Asparagus: Asparagus

Asparagus Bean / String Bean: Wand

Avocado: Avocado

Ananas: Pineapple

Atemoya / Sugar apple / Custart apple: Custard apple


Bael Fruit: Fruit

Bamboo Shoot: Bamboo shoots

Banana: Banana

Barley: Barley

Barley sugar: Malt candy

Basil: Basil plant

Flying Leaves: Cinnamon Leaves; Chives

Bean Curd: Tofu

Bean paste: Bean paste

Bean curd sheet: Tofu ki

Bean sprout: Price

Bearberry: Name of a red fruit (cherry)

Bergamot: Calabrian citrus, Italy, hybrid from pear lemon with grapefruit or with seville orange Beet: Beet

Bell Pepper: Bell Pepper

Bellfruit / Water Apple: Southern Vietnam plum

Betel Leaf: Betel Leaf

Biffin: Red apples for cooking, drying and juicing

Black Butter: Black Butter

Black-Eyed Pea: White beans

Blackberry: Blackberry

Black moss: fairy hair

Black Pepper: Black Pepper

Black Bean: Black Beans

Black Plum: Black Plum

Blueberry: Myrtle fruit / Blueberry

Bloody Guava: Guava

Blumea Gkandulosa: Cancel Heaven

Bok Choy: White cabbage

Bottle Gourd / Ornamental Gourd: Bau Nam / Gourd Ho Lo

Bouquet Garni: Bouquet of fragrant leaves used as a seasoning

Bran: Thank you

Breadfruit: Sake fruit

Broccoli: Broccoli

Buld: Tubers (onions, garlic …)


Cabbage: Cabbage

Cocoa: Cocoa tree

Calamondin: Tac

Candy Coconut: Coconut Jam

Cane Syrup: Sugarcane Sirup

Canistel: Chicken egg, Pear fruit

Cantaloupe: A Spanish cantaloupe

Capers: Capers

Capsicum: Fruit (type with many seeds in side like: chili)

Carambola: Starfruit also call Starfruit

Cardamon: Nutmeg powder

Carrot: Carrot

Cashews: Cashews to eat

Cashew apple: Cashew stalk

Cashew Nut: Peaches

Cassava: Cassava

Cassava root: Tapioca

Casserole: Stew pot

Catawissa: Onion

Cauliflower: Canola flower, cauliflower

Cayenne; Cayenne Pepper: Pure powdered cayenne pepper

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Celery: Celery

Celery Salt: Spices & salt

Celery Seeds: Celery Seeds

Centella: Gotu kola

Ceylon Spinach / Vine Spinach / Malabar Spinach: Spinach

Chan pei: Dried tangerine skin / peel

Chayote : Su su

Cherry: Cherry

Cherimoya: Soursop

Chestnut: Chestnut

Chilli (US) / Chilli sauce: Chili / Chili sauce

Chilli Oil: Chili Oil

Chilli paste: Chili satay

Chilli Powder: Chili Powder

Chinese Parky: Coriander

Chives: Bulb onion / chives

Chocolate: Chocolate

Chocolate Plant / Cocoa: Cocoa Beans

Chopped lemon grass: Chopped lemon grass

Chutney: Indian dipping sauce (including mango, vinegar, chili…)

Cluster Fig: Sung Vietnam

Cilantro: Coriander

Cinnamon: Cinnamon

Citron: Tree/fruit: saddle bar; orange peel color

Chitronella: White discharge

Clover: Cloves

Citrus fruit: Orange or tangerine

Coarse Salt: Grain Salt

Cobbler: Fruit cake

Cocoa Powder: Cocoa Powder

Coconut Coconut milk / Coconut cream: Coconut milk

Coconut juice: Coconut water

Coconut meat: Coconut rice

Coffee Bean: Coffee fruit

Coleslaw: Cabbage Lettuce

Collard Greens: Greens (a green vegetable that resembles cabbage leaves)

Colza: Canola

Compote: Fruit Jam

Condiments: Spice Hill

Coriander: (Real) Coriander; Laksa leaves

Coriander / Cilantro: Coriander

Coriander seeds: Coriander seeds

Corn: corn

Corn Flour: Corn Flour

Corn Oil: Corn Oil

Corn Syrup: Corn Syrup

Cornstarch thickener / Cornflour thickener: Cornmeal; cornstarch

Courgette / Zucchini (US): Green squash

Cranberry: Cranberries

Cresson (Fr) / Watercress: Son Salad

Crested Latesummer Mint / Vietnamese Balm: Marjoram / Lemon Basil

Cucumber: Cucumber

Cicista Sinensis Lamk: Pink Silk / Pomegranate

Culantro / Sawtooth / Saw-leaf herb / Spiritweed: Coriander

Cumin: Little Anise

Cumin Seeds: The spice that makes Mexican food

Cumquat: Kumquats, kumquats

Curly Endive: Lettuce

Curry Powder: Curry Powder

Custard: custard, egg cream

Custart Apple: Custard apple / Custard apple

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QQuince: Quince RRadish: Radish Ramie leaf: Hemp leaf (used to make hemp cakes)Raisin: RaisinsRambutan: RambutanRaspberry: Raspberries, A type of Wild StrawberryRaspberry: Blackberry/raspberryRed bean: Red BeanRhubarb: RhubarbRice: RiceRice Paddy Leaf / Herb: Coriander omRice Vinegar: White Vinegar (made of rice)Rose Apple / Malabar Plum: Gooseberry / Peaches Rosemary: RosemaryRutabaga: Turmeric SSadao Flowers: DurianSafflower: Safflower; safflower red (taken from safflower flowers); safflower petalsSaffron: Saffron Sage: Sage: Sake (Japan)Salad: Lettuce Salad Pepperomia / Crab Claw Herb: Crab Leaf: Ginseng (leaves used for cooking) make drinks) Sargasso: Vegetables Apricot Sarsaparilla: Plants of the spirit; rhubarb root (used to make medicine)Sapodilla: Sapodilla, Saboche Sauerkraut: Sauerkraut Scallion; Scallions/Spring Onions: ScallionsSeaweed: SeaweedShallots: Pillars, ShallotsSherbet : Thin juice (Iced)Shiso / Purple Basil: PerillaSloe: BlackberriesSnow Peas: PeasSonneretia Alba: Bitter SorrelSonneretia Ovata: CorianderSorrel : Vegetable Sour Sour Apple: Sour Apple (because it is still green) Sour Sop: Soursop Sour Sour Soup Soybean: Soy Soybean Curd: Tofu Soy Sauce: Soy Sauce Strawberry: StrawberrySpice: Spices (lake, pepper, ginger…etc.)Spicy Mint: Basil Spinach: Spinach; Amaranth (or spinach)Sprouts: Sprouts (mung beans/soybeans)Sprouted Soya: Soya bean sproutsSquash: Pumpkin Star Anise: Aniseed Star Anise Powder: Anise powder, Strawberry Papaya: Purple PapayaString beans: CowpeasSugar beet : Beets : Sweet SoursopSweet Orange: Sugar OrangeSweet Potato / spud: Sweet PotatoSweet potato buds: Sweet PotatoSweet Rice: Round Sticky RiceSweet Leaf Bush / Sauropus: Bo Ngot Star fruit: Star fruitSyrup: SirupTTamarind: MeTangerine: Tangerine Tamarind: MeTaro / coco-yam: Taro; water potatoes (plants; tubers); Tarragon: WormwoodThai Egg Plant: Cacao Thin-skinned orange: Paper OrangeThyme: ThymeTianjin Pickled Shredded Cabbage: Kale AUTurmeric: TurmericTungho / Garlard Chrysanthemum: Fenugreek / CabbageTurnip: RadishTypha Augustifolia: TubanUVVanilla: Vanilla Extract: Vanilla Oil SugarVegetable Oil: Vegetable OilWWater Apple: Peach Plum Water Berry: Chestnut;Water Chestnut: Watercress: Watercress Water dropwort: Celery Watermelon: Watermelon Water morning glory: Water spinach : Lot LeafWinged Yam: Sweet PotatoWinter Melon / Wax Gourd: Pumpkin YYam: (USA) Sweet Potato Yarrow: Yarrow (herbal for cooking)ZZest: Orange Peel / Lemon PeelZucchini: (USA) Pumpkin

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