Phi Long At Thien is a role-playing game that is better than Vo Lam Truyen Ky, a blockbuster “exclusively ordered” for Vietnamese gamers. Bringing all the features of the MMORPG series, Phi Long At Thien also gives players an extremely impressive PK system.

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Download Phi Long At Thien – Blockbuster swordplay 100% order.

Join the game you will freely choose 1 of 5 sects: Shaolin, Wudang, Duong Gia, Than Dieu, Minh Giao. Each faction has its own characteristics and strengths for you to choose in accordance with your tactics. The game offers a lot of activities for players to participate in to receive valuable rewards. In addition to the computer version, Phi Long At Thien also runs smoothly on both Android and iOS platforms.

Special features in the game Flying Dragon at Thien

Character system

Wudang: Has the ability to use extreme swords, every sword that comes out makes the opponent scared. Wudang is a sect suitable for all PK lineups, all copies. If you love the way of Solo, with the ability to move, move flexibly, then this is an extremely suitable sect. Divine Condor: Has the ability to attack long-range, deal great damage, very suitable for the rear position to attack the enemy from behind. Duong Gia: Has a large amount of damage, flexible attack, quick to win. Suitable for the tanker position thanks to its abundant vitality, mobility and good control of the enemy. Minh Giao: Has a large amount of damage, the ability to kill quickly, so it is suitable for performing missions and extras. Minh Giao should stand in the last position to be able to join the battle quickly and concisely. Shaolin: As a melee soldier, the ability to counterattack is relatively good, suitable for missions that take damage during Boss hunts.

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Clan System

The guild is a place to unite friendship, side by side in birth and death, having each other on the road to conquering the Gypsies. When you reach level 19, you will have the right to create a clan or join a clan.

Map system

With an extremely diverse and rich map system to help gamers explore. In the world of Phi Long At Thien, there are 14 visible maps, 2 hidden secret path maps with many floors.

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Boss System

The Boss system in the game Phi Long At Thien is also extremely diverse, many different types. Each type will have a different method of destruction. Boss will appear at 10am, 14h, 18h, 22h every day. If you can’t kill the boss within 30 minutes, the boss will disappear, when you kill the Boss, you will receive enhancement materials, secret pieces and inlaid stone chests.

Mountain system

Mounts help characters move faster, and also increase internal attack, external attack, attack, HP… You can earn mounts when participating in: Purgatory secret scene, boss hunt, shop purchase, events .

Champion system

Generals in Phi Long At Thien are companions with players during the journey to conquer the Gypsies. The stronger the hero, the greater the character’s bonus stats. In the game there are many types of generals, with full shapes and different strengths. You can get heroes through: Treasure Hunt, Story Supplement, Chess Supplement, Events.

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Leaderboards help players keep track of their achievements as well as other players. The ranking will be divided by:

Combat power: The master has a high total combat power. Level: Master has the highest level. Phu Hao: The rich man spends the most coins. Clan Force: The guild has the highest total combat power. Minh: The master of the Minh faction has many contributions. Nguyen: The master of the Nguyen faction has many contributions. Weekly Dedication – Minh: Contribution points of the Minh faction’s side in each week. Weekly Dedication – Nguyen: Contribution points of the Nguyen faction’s staff for each week.

Let’s join the fierce battles, to assert yourself and bring back valuable gifts right in Phi Long At Thien.