As virtual currency technology develops, there will be services and utilities that help us take advantage of virtual money better. Uphold is one such service.

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About uphold

What is Uphold?

Uphold is a company that provides intermediary services that help exchange between cash and virtual currency, send and receive money internationally, and securely store money on your account. Uphold was founded in 2015, with headquarters in 4 countries: USA, UK, China and Portugal. The head office is located in Southern California, USA.

Uphold Features

Uphold offers users worldwide the following features:

Deposit: fund your account by bank transfer, bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin or bitcoin cash.Deposit: Send money from your account to other members, completely free and instant.Transfer exchange: quickly convert currencies to 30 different currencies.Storage: keep money in your account safely, for long term investment or daily use.Security: your money is reserved Stored anywhere in the world, protected by top-notch security.

Register Uphold Account

To register for an Uphold account, click here or the button below:



Note that you need to use Payvnn’s link to receive 10 USD.

Click Get Me In and then enter your email address to register.

Uphold Account Confirmation

After registering you will be asked to confirm your account, which is required if you want to make the best use of Uphold. At the notification you select the Start button.

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You select the country is Vietnam and then click Next.

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Select the type of document you will upload: Passport, Identity Card or Driver’s license.

In the next steps you will be asked to upload your front, back and portrait photos.

After fully uploading, you just need to wait for approval. The review time is very fast, only about 5-10 minutes to confirm the account.

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In the following articles, Payvnn will guide you to send or receive money to Uphold account.