Among young people, terms like NYC are used quite commonly and almost everyone understands exactly what it means. However, if you are the first person to learn this language, you will certainly have many difficulties when communicating with other people. So what is NYC?

Normally, the term NYC will be used to replace the phrase “ex-lover” and it only appears in writing. To be more precise, the term NYC is used mainly on social networking sites such as Facebook, Zalo, Instagram, etc. Although when abbreviated, the word NYC will make many people think of something extremely complicated. complex, but in fact it is quite the opposite. And next to the word NYC we will have the opposite word NYM (New Lover).

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Other Meanings of NYC

In most cases, NYC will mean “Ex-girlfriend,” but the term has many other meanings. One of the most commonly used meanings is New York City, which is the name of a city in the United States. In addition, NYC can mean one of the following:

New yorkcoin – The name of a virtual currency, it is quite similar to the Bitcoin that is stirring the world today. This coin first appeared in 2014 and only circulated mainly in the US, so very few people know of its existence. New York Central – How to talk about the central area of ​​New York City, this is a phrase that is used very commonly in both spoken and written language. New York Cares, National Youth Choir, etc. words like these in Vietnamese Nam won’t see it, but it’s very common in the UK as well as in the US.

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How to say ex-lover in English

In English, when talking about campmates or ex-girlfriends, people often add the phrase Ex to the prefix. For example, ex-girlfriend is Ex-Girlfriend, ex-boyfriend is Ex-Boyfriend. In this case, Ex will act as an article, when it goes with a noun, it will describe something old, used, etc. You can use the word Ex-Lover or Old Love.

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Why do young people often use the word NYC rather than “Ex-lover”

?Instead of using the phrase “Ex-lover” directly, many young people prefer to write NYC, why is that? ? As far as Hoclaixecaptoc found out, most young people use the term NYC more because it’s concise, sometimes you don’t want to mention much about your ex. Not only that, there are people who think that using the term NYC like that shows that they no longer have any feelings for that person (Explicit).

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What is NYC – Why do so many people choose to use the word NYC?

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