The computer will display the message This copy of Windows is not genuine if your operating system is not activated properly. Activation of Windows license is necessary for Microsoft to know that you are using legitimate software and to limit the number of computers using the same Product Key.

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Some other errors will appear on your computer if you do not fix the This copy of windows is not genuine error such as your computer may automatically log out every hour or sometimes the PC will restart by itself. or display a permanent black screen on your Desktop or even prevent you from updating your Windows operating system.

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Instructions for 5 ways to fix This copy of windows is not genuine error

What is this copy of Windows is not genuine

?This copy of Windows is not genuine (also known as the black screen error) is one of the most common errors in the Windows operating system. .

When this error is encountered, the wallpaper on your computer will automatically turn to a black screen, battery life will decrease when this message continuously appears on the laptop.

Some Windows 10 features won’t work unless you clear this message. This warning is quite annoying, especially when you are in need of high concentration to complete the work and this error message keeps popping up.

The main reason why your computer displays this error message is because you did not activate your Windows license after the trial period expired.

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You may also receive this error message if your Product Key has expired or is blocked.

In addition, if you share your Windows license with others, such as friends or family members, Microsoft may block your license because it is used on multiple computers or attempts to activate the license. Activate the same Product Key too many times.

How is This copy of Windows is not genuine error displayed

?This copy of Windows is not genuine error can vary depending on the version of Windows operating system you are using. For example, for Windows 7 Build 7601, you’ll see an error message like this:

Step 4: Click Apply to change the settings and restart your computer.

Note: From now on, your computer will no longer encounter this error. However, you also won’t be able to upgrade your Windows operating system to the latest version to fix bugs or update with new features.

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Overall, we hope that the methods introduced above can help you fix Your copy of Windows is not genuine error.