This article would like to guide you to create a very simple USB Boot & Repair and does not take too much of your time. First you need to download the USB Boot and Source Repair Windows 7 installer + 1 USB > 2Gb.

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Step 1: After downloading the installer according to the link above, you proceed to extract the file. (Right click on the file and select Extract Here). We get the folder containing the files needed to create USB Boot.

* In Device (1): We note choosing the correct USB that we want to create USB Boot by based on the capacity or label that you have set before to avoid Format mistakenly losing data. * File system item (2): We only choose FAT or FAT32, do not choose NTFS because it cannot boot in this format, there are 2 cases: + If the USB capacity is less than 4Gb: You choose FAT + If the USB capacity is less than 4Gb: greater than or equal to 4Gb: Select FAT32 * Item Volume label (3): You can rename your USB, for example USB BOOT. * Section Format option (4): You click “Quick Format” to select the quick format mode. Press the Start button (5): to start the USB format process * The warning dialog box to lose all data appears, Click Yes to continue:

Step 3: Open the syslinux folder (1) in Hiren USB Boot, find the RunMe file (2) >> Right click >> select Open (3) to run the RunMe file.

Note that this item is very important: You look at “My Computer” to see what character the USB is assigned (A, B, C…X,Y,Z) and then type that character into the RunMe program just opened in above (1), especially must add a “:” (colon) right after, then we press ENTER (2) until as shown above, the line “Making USB Drive Boottable” appears. . Press ENTER again to exit the program. (3).

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Step 4: We go back to the Hiren USB Boot folder (1) and copy (2) all the files (don’t copy the syslinux and usb_fowmat folders) and paste (2) into the USB (1) just created above.

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* Overwrite warning dialog box, you choose YES to overwrite (or choose Copy and Replace).Step 5: Return to the main folder USB-Boot-Repair Windows 7 (1) we open the Hiren Boot folder, copy HBCD folder (2) in to USB.

* Note: If you Repair Windows 7 32bit, then copy Source Repair Win 7 32bit or Repair Windows 7 64bit, then copy Source Repair Win 7 64bit but cannot copy 2 at the same time to 1 USB! Please reboot your computer into BIOS and choose to prioritize booting from USB and enjoy your results.

Guide Repair Windows 7: * After creating USB Boot to Repair Windows 7 then we proceed to use USB Boot to repair Windows when it fails. Step 1: We plug USB Boot into the error computer >> Restart the computer and go to the Boot Menu section. (Usually we press the F12 or F8 or Esc key to enter the Boot Menu).* After entering the Boot Menu we select Boot in the USB Boot that we have just installed above. Step 2: After entering Boot in the main part of USB Boot, you choose: 6. Repair Setup Windows 7.

Step 4: In the System Recovery Options window, select Use recovery tool that can help fix problems starting Windows. Then click Next.

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In the next process, if the System Recovery Options window appears, select Startup Repair. The Startup Repair process begins.

Ok, that’s it, the Repair Windows 7 process is done, you unplug the USB Boot so that the system restarts automatically. Above is an article on how to create a USB Boot Repair Windows 7 by Hope that after this article you can repair Windows yourself when your computer fails. Wish you success!Share the article if you see it. useful! And don’t forget to credit the source ^-^

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