What is the error ntldr is missing? If you encounter this error, how should you solve it? Find the answer through the article below.

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Trick to fix ntldr is missing error quickly

What is NTLDR

?NTLDR (short for NT Loader or New technology Loader) is the boot loader for all releases of the Windows NT operating system. NTLDR is typically run from the laptop’s hard drive, but it can also be run from removable storage devices such as CD-ROMs, USB flash drives, or floppy disks.

Therefore, when you encounter the error ntldr is missing during laptop startup, your computer will not be able to access the operating system.

Signs of error identification ntldr is missing

You can identify the ntldr is missing error through some of the following common error messages:

NTLDR is missing. Press any key to restart.NTLDR is missing. Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart.Boot: Couldn’t find NTLDR. Please insert another disk.

Trick to fix error ntldr is missing quickly

Use Hiren’s Boot Disk

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Download Hiren’s Boot.

Step 2: Extract the downloaded file and copy it to a CD.

Step 3: Start the computer. Then you repeatedly press the F2 key (or the F8, F10, F12, Esc, Del …) before entering the Windows screen to open the BIOS.

Step 4: Switch to the Boot Tab, go to Boot Device Priority and select 1st Boot Device.

Boot Device Priority

Step 5: Press the F10 key to save the changes.

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Step 6: Restart the computer and insert the CD containing Hiren’s Boot.

Step 7: At Hiren’s BootCD screen, select Fix ‘NTLDR is Missing’ and press Enter.

Step 8: You wait for a while and then remove the CD. Finally, restart the computer again.

Use the Repair feature

Note: To apply this method you need a Windows disk.

First you do from step 2 to step 5 as above to set up BIOS for the computer to boot from the CD drive.

Then you insert the Windows disc into the drive. Now if you see the Windows Setup screen appear, press the R key on the laptop keyboard. Then, in the Recovery Console window, press the 1 key and then press the Enter key.

Use the Repair feature

Next, enter the keyword “map” into the dialog box and press Enter. Your job now is to find the CD drive containing the Windows disc. Here, you copy 2 files “ntldr” and “ntdetect.com” and then paste them to C drive with the following two commands:

copy e:i386

tldr c: and Enter

copy e:i386

tdetectc: and Enter

Note: The letter e indicates the drive containing the CD and the letter c indicates the drive containing the operating system.

Finally, when the message appears, select YES and then type EXIT and press Enter to finish.

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