The easiest way to fix corrupted word files. You have many important document files, and sometimes for some unknown reason, you cannot open your text files. Before you have to accept the fact that you will lose all those important documents, you should also try some of the following fairly simple methods to fix and recover text files.

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HOW TO FIX A Corrupt WORD FILEHow to fix when a Word file is corrupted

1. Don’t think your document is faulty

You will immediately wonder, what is it? In fact, the first thing you can think of is your Office program or Windows system, the solution in this situation is to copy a copy and then try it on another computer, or you can also reinstall the Office software. on your computer.

2. Make a backup copy of the document

In this case you can do it at 2 intervals, one is when you have never had a problem – this is the surest way. Second, when something goes wrong, you should immediately back up your document to a new copy, in case the document can be damaged more, making it difficult to recover later.

3. Check Your Email

In many cases, when you email someone, a copy of the document file will also be stored in Outlook’s Sent Item folder (if you use Outlook) or on the provider server if you use Outlook. mail services like Yahoo, Google…

4. Run the hard drive test

Run the CHKDSK (check disk) process on the partition containing the corrupted document. The cause may be corrupted system files, and the CHKDSK program is also capable of fixing these errors. Thereby you can also know if the cause of the failure is from the system or not.

5. Try saving the file again

Sometimes the damage is caused by a file format problem, you can save it in other formats like RTF, TXT….

6. Use a different word processor

If you cannot open Word files with Microsoft Office, you can also use third-party software such as Kingsoft Office, or open source software Open Office.

7. Re-Extract Text

Microsoft also provides a feature to extract text from existing text files, to do so you choose File, Open, and then customize Recover Text From Any File. This method is applicable to file formats from 97-2003.

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8. Open & Repair

This is a support feature of Microsoft Office, when you open a corrupted document file, the program will give you an option to prompt you to restore the text file. Although the probability of success of this method is not very high, but nonetheless, there is still water.

9. Features of Windows Vista

Windows Vista has the ability to automatically create a backup copy of documents on the hard drive. If your file has some problem, you can optionally revert to the previous file state. It is also important to note that you should format the hard disk partition according to the NTFS standard.

10. Using the software

On the market many companies have also developed software to help users recover corrupted text files. The best known product is probably Office Recovery. Besides, there is also another quite popular product, Ontrack Easy Recovery.

Our tools also have a saying, prevention is better than avoid, think to avoid having to spend time restoring damaged document files, you should create a backup right when they are not damaged and save it. USB storage, CDs…. WAY 2:

There are many common errors with Word files, but the one that causes many people a headache is opening a Word file that is full of random and confusing characters. If this is the case, don’t worry too much because MS Word itself has a feature to help get the raw text back in the document. However, all formatting and images, as well as other objects inserted in the text (if any) will be lost.

Error message when opening Word file.

In this case, do not activate the Word file directly, open MS Word, then go to FILE > Open > My Computer > show the path to the corrupted file > select Recover Text from Any File in the box now after the File box , before clicking Open to open the file.

Option to get back raw text in text.

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On the following window that appears, click Close. This trick can be applied to MS Word 2013 and earlier versions as well.

fix corrupted word file

Click Close after fixing the error. Note, in some cases the file is not only corrupted but also locked. Then, right-click the file > select Properties > General tab > Unlock > OK.

If you often edit documents with Microsoft Word 2000 or Word 2003, at least once you have encountered a case of a corrupted word file that cannot be opened. In this situation, if you don’t have the patience to find a solution, you will have to start all over again. There are cases of redoing dozens of pages of essays! If this is the case, try these tricks before you decide… do it again!!

Step 1: Start the word program (note that do not start the program by double clicking on the corrupted word file). error) Step 2: Press Ctrl + O or go to File > Open to call the Open dialog box. Step 3: Click on the corrupted file. Instead of clicking the Open button to open it, click the arrow button next to the Open button and select Open and Repair

This method can cure 50% of cases. If it can’t be fixed. You try this next way

Step 3: Click on the corrupted file. Click the Open button to open it. Before clicking the Open button, select Recover Text from Any File under Files of types

If both of the above methods do not solve the problem, you can choose this 3rd method:

Use notepad or wordpad to open the work file. Find the last lines encrypted (about 3-4 lines). Remove all these faulty parts! Actually, those are the formatted lines of Word. For some reason these pieces of code cause unexpected errors.

The last trick to save you is to use google to search for software that specializes in recovering corrupted Word files. One candidate I would recommend is the Repair Microsoft Word Files program

Method 1: Open and Repair function

If you are using MS Word version XP/2003/2007, this error correction function is already built in.

– Start MS Word >> go to nu File >> Open (Ctrl+O).

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– In the Open dialog box, point to the location where the Word file needs to be corrected.

– Then select the Open and Repair command to fix errors for the text (Recovery time is fast or slow depending on the structure of the Word file).

– When the corrupted file is successfully opened, please use the Save as function to back up the content.

Note: If your Excel spreadsheet file has the same error, you can also do it this way for MS Excel from XP version (2002) or later.

Method 2: Recover text from any file function

After using method 1 but still not working, you can use method 2 as follows:

– In the Open dialog box, select the file to open, click the combo-box button of the Files of type frame and select the command Recover Text from Any File >> Open

– This function has the effect of recovering documents in an unformatted state. If the file contains images, they will be lost. To make sure the feature works well, start MS Word and open any document (or a new document), then go to nu Tools, select the Options command > select the General tab > checkmark Select in the Confirm conversion at Open section and then click OK for the setting to take effect.

Method 3: Use OfficeFIX.Enterprise software

Click Select file to select the file you need to manipulate. Select Recover to patch the error >> select Save As.

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With this software you can apply to Access, Excel files.

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