If naming the most beautiful numbers in the Vietnamese telecommunications market today, it is impossible not to mention the number 099. So which carrier’s number is this? Born when? Let’s answer the above questions through the article below!

General information about prefix 099

The process of learning about the beautiful numbers on the digital sim market today, surely many customers wonder which network operator’s number 099 is? And the most correct answer at the beginning of the number 099 is currently the number belonging to the Gmobile network. Gmobile operator is owned by Gtel Mobile of Global Telecommunications Corporation (Gtel) – a state-owned joint stock company under the Ministry of Public Security.

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However, the birth history of the number 099 begins in 2009 when this number was first issued to Beeline. Beeline is a joint venture between Gtel and Russian carrier VimpelCom. In addition, the number 099 is also shared with Indochina Tel – a foreign operator, part of VNPT but in a different field.

In 2012, Indochina Tel was stripped of its business license for not implementing it into practice. As for Beeline, when it came into operation with a grand launch, the business strategy and tradition were quite popular and although it was quite famous in countries around the world, it received little attention in Vietnam. heart. Therefore, not long after that, the Beeline alliance broke up and VimpelCom withdrew from Vietnam along with the Beeline brand.

At this time, Gtel stayed and with the new strategy, this operator built the Gmobile sim brand and collected a certain number of customers. The number 099 becomes the number of Gmobile network operator. Although born slower than other carriers, Gmobile always leaves a good impression in the hearts of each customer. Besides, Gmobile’s services also have many other attractive promotions and incentives. No matter where you are, in a remote or remote area, Gmobile will help you constantly stay connected with your loved ones, listen and call freely.

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Gmobile’s number 099 is chosen and trusted by many customers because of its special meanings. Number 099 currently has 7 affiliated numbers. Those are 0992, 0993, 0994, 0995, 0996, 0997.0998.

The special meaning of the prefix 099

Compared with other operators’ numbers, Gmobile’s beautiful number 099 is considered by many experts to be aesthetically beautiful and good in terms of feng shui because it contains many meanings. Let’s find out the hidden meanings behind the number 099.

Number 0: The number 0 is the first number in the sequence of natural numbers, the beginning, the beginning of all good things, happiness and success. With the seamlessness in writing, the number 0 represents fullness, roundness, fullness and endless happiness in life.

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Number 9: In the sequence of natural numbers, 9 is the last number, has the largest value of the sequence of natural numbers and is considered a very powerful number, representing permanence, eternity, immortality and everyone. desire to own. The number 9 symbolizes the regal, representing the gentleman, authority, impermanent strength.

When combined into the first number 099, the appearance of two 9s increases the beauty and value of the number 099. Because according to folk beliefs, 9 is the most beautiful number in the natural number sequence. . Owning the number 099 helps the owner achieve a lot of success, luck and power.

In addition, the number 099 of Gmobile network operator is very cheap compared to other types. This is a network operator known for its billionaire package, in which this operator generously donates up to 1 billion dong to its on-net calling account for its subscribers. Currently, the latest package of sim099 is what is the billionaire package 3.

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The number 099 of Gmobile network operator is both aesthetically beautiful and meaningful in terms of feng shui, and is the number one of the network with many attractive promotions that will surely be the choice of the majority. customers across the country.

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