078 is one of the most commonly used numbers on the market today. However, there are still quite a few customers who do not know about this number.

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Let’s find out with Sim Vietnam Number what 078 is and the special meanings of this number through the following article.

Recently, the Ministry of Information and Communications has sent an official dispatch to network operators operating in Vietnam about the transition from 11-digit to 10-digit sim cards. Up to this point, all carriers have successfully changed their existing numbers.

Mobifone operator is one of the oldest telecommunications units operating in the Vietnamese market. This enterprise has always maintained its position in the top 3 largest telecommunications carriers in the country today. Calling and texting service charges of Mobifone network are currently regulated as follows: MobiQ package

On-net calls: 1,580 VND/minute; Out-of-network calls: 1,780 VND/minute; On-net SMS: 200 VND/minute; Out-network SMS: 250 VND/minute.

On-net calls: 880 VND/minute (within the area) and 1,880 VND/minute (outside the area); Out-of-network calls: 1,280 VND/minute (within the region) and 1,880 VND/minute (outside the area); On-net SMS: 290 VND /min; Out-of-network SMS: 350 VND/minute.

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On-net calls: 1,180 VND/minute; Out-of-network calls: 1,380 VND/minute; On-net SMS: 290 VND/minute; Out-network SMS: 350 VND/minute.

Mobifone network operator always gives users many attractive preferential packages; Connection quality is constantly being upgraded; Diverse tariff packages bring many options to customers; Infrastructure is invested synchronously to providing the best service quality in both rural and mountainous areas.

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Each customer has their own selection criteria when looking for the right number of sim cards. You can refer to the meaning of the following number 078:

Number 7: This number represents heaven and earth, the miracles of the Supreme Beings. When you own the number 7 will create a power that converges the energies of the universe; Number 8: This is the most beautiful number and brings luck to the owner. The number 9 symbolizes prosperity, fortune and rapid advancement.

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