The birth of social networks – also known as Social networks not only in Vietnam but also in the world has stimulated the development of community communication channels. So what is social network? How to create a social network platform to promote communication in the most effective way? Let’s learn more about these issues through the following articles:

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5 steps to create a viral Social Network platform

Suggest 3 influential Social Network channels

What is Social Network

?Social network or social network is a website where people with similar interests can share information, pictures and videos when needed. These participants can be individuals or businesses by different interactive ways will discuss general issues of their lives or private matters.

What is social network?

The most popular social networks with high interaction rates today are Facebook and Twitter. These social networks have a very special meaning, greatly influencing the existence and development of many businesses. Social networks establish online communities to connect, communicate and see each other through electronic screens.

Depending on the type of platform, members of that social network may be able to contact any other member. However, some networks require members to have made friends before they can communicate with each other in the same community. Business applications are also more integrated.

What are the characteristics of Social Network

?Social Network has the following main characteristics:

Is a tool to transmit and share information to many people easily, quickly, with high accuracy. You can choose from a variety of social media participants. Social network helps to spread information in a timely manner with low cost but very high efficiency, helping to increase the opportunity to compete with small and medium sized competitors. Therefore, this is a useful PR communication channel for business people, especially online businesses.Social network is built based on connecting many relationships in a community in many different forms to bring many practical values.

Social Network is an effective and low cost information transmission tool

What’s the difference between Social media and Social network

?Social media is inherited from the functions and features of social network.Social media has a very high number of users, so it spreads information very quickly. Fast, high network community connectivity. Especially the process of searching for SEO keywords on Youtube or through social networks is Facebook.Social network is the connection with each other in the same community, but not with other social networks.Social media helps Participants connect with many friends and find a lot of useful information that Social networks cannot. Therefore, there is always a disturbance between the information. Social network will bring many benefits in business and work. Conveying a lot of accurate information creates a cohesive message among members because it does not cause disturbing information.

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Social Media

5 steps to create a viral Social Network platform

After learning what Social Network is, next we will explore how to create a Social Network platform that promotes communication with these 5 basic steps:

Determine the community you want to target

If you don’t want to waste time groping for financial loss, you need to brainstorm to determine from the beginning what community you want to target. Understanding the community’s insights like what they like and don’t like will help you understand the psychology of a consumer. From there, the information and methods you give will easily attract the attention of the community.

Customer research

Sometimes you will be a trendsetter, doing things others have not done by providing services that do not yet exist in the market. Therefore, gathering demographics and psychographic data will give you the power to create that demand.

Choose the right technology for your audience and content

Determining what the features and functions of Social Network are will help you create your own Social network. The biggest problem is determining which method is really effective for that social network. At this point, you need an expert to advise you on technology, comparing different technologies will be a great solution to save time and money.

If you want to prepare yourself, think carefully, invest a lot of brain in the preparation process. You can consider between different CMS like Ning, Drupal, Ruby on Rails or .Net.

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You can refer to and learn through existing social networks to know the construction technologies they have used. From there, draw many different lessons, experiences and opportunities for your social network.

Build the foundation structure

After you have listed all the user-specific features, prepare the growth environment. The construction Building websites or social networks is often based on some general principles. Here are 3 things you need to incorporate to ensure the success of your social network:

Customer Service: Contact a hosting company to help resolve any issues related to your social media platform. Confidentiality: Use a reputable security system to give peace of mind to your social network participants. They will not need to worry about someone breaking in and leaking personal data. Scalability: You need to build your social network from the ground up by considering its growth potential. Make it easy for your social media platform to scale in order to track growth.

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Building a Social Network Platform

Interested in features and functionality

The features and functions you offer will help identify your community. Outline these specifically if you want to grow your social networking site. You need to ask yourself the most detailed questions and solutions.

For example: What do you want your users to do? How to know data is private? What kind of data will circulate? What can post? How will users register? …There are many things you need to consider at this stage.

The overall vision of this social networking site is also very important, it is best to break down categories such as user functions, administrative functions and advertising.

Focus on status updates

Anyone participating in a social network wants to express their feelings and thoughts in the most generous way at any time. Therefore, you need to design the most perfect tool to make this status update interesting and easy to manipulate.

Because if this status update feature is not user-friendly, they will easily abandon that social network.

Twitter made a great move by limiting status updates to 140 characters. This makes the developer’s job much easier. You can learn from this, however, you need to be sure to include comments or options in status updates because interaction between users is most important.

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You can leverage many open source blogging platforms to develop quality status update features. The most perfect example is or If you use a content management system like Joomla it will be easy to create a content type with a limited number of characters.

Suggest 3 influential Social Network channels

Understanding what a social network is is one thing, but how to use it effectively is another. Here are three highly influential Social Network channels that you can take advantage of to promote and market your media:

1. Facebook

This is the largest and most used social network, with global influence, not limited in terms of geography. Currently, the number of people participating in Facebook is up to 1.8 billion people, so it will definitely open up great opportunities for your business.

Facebook after going through a challenging time has provided really useful advertising features and received a huge amount of money in return. Facebook ads are also accessible to the largest groups of people.

social network Facebook

What other things can you do on Facebook?

Helps reach a wider target audience.Lots of marketing costs are reduced.Easily connect with past, present, and potential future customers and still make them feel comfortable.Offer the best deals. insights create richer, value-based experiences for your fans. Create content that solves the problems your current customers are having. Increase traffic to your website or blog.Share tips and tricks to make your fans’ lives easier, better, more enjoyable Establish relationships to make buyers possible Become a lifetime customer.

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→ Consult support service: Unlock website domains blocked by Facebook

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the ideal business network but is often misunderstood. This is the largest professional social networking platform, where people who can make important decisions are active online.

This social network is not just for job seekers. Anyone looking to build a business should take advantage of the benefits LinkedIn has to offer.

LinkedIn is a social network of professional connections that will greatly help your actual career. Besides creating an online resume, you can build professional relationships, help grow your company and better position your personal brand.

LinkedIn network

Other things you can do on LinkedIn:

Recruiting experienced, highly skilled professionals. Discuss issues related to market trends and company learningEasy to connect with The right people, not just any one person, Join a conversation with professional leaders of any industry. Meet, build, and maintain key business relationships.

3. Twitter

As a marketing expert, it is easy to realize the influence in creating relationships and raising business awareness through Twitter. Businesses will have no trouble finding audiences or customers among more than 310 million active users.

Diana Adams, founder of Adams Consulting Group and has been in business for a long time on Twitter since 2009. She considers Twitter to be the best social network for businesses. In addition to advantages such as ease of use, updating relevant information, Twitter also helps you make important connections and track competitors.

twitter network interface

Things you can do on Twitter:

Easy content sharing helps amplify your information to more people. Interaction in Twitter Chat helps you connect quickly with your target market. Use hashtags to quickly connect with people with similar interests. Get Twitter Lists to keep you up to date with the people most valuable to your business.Create tweets that humanize your brandSupport customers by answering questions raised . Manage responses and share user-generated content.

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Hope the above information has helped you understand what is Social network? How to create a Social Network platform to promote communication with only 5 basic steps. Hegoli wishes you much success with your social media campaign soon.