Have you ever wanted to find out about your own birth year? Surely those of you born in 1996 are also very curious about destiny. Viewing the lifetime horoscope of the age helps us have a better overview. From there, their strengths and weaknesses are clearly revealed.

Viewing: Born in 1996 what age

Not only that, knowing the destiny of your age will help you choose a life partner and do business with your age. Since then, the career path and love life have been smooth. So, what age is suitable for being born in 1996? How are the colors suitable for feng shui?

In addition, watching destiny will help people born in 1996 know the right direction when building a house. Money, the path to fame, career advancement, development of fortune.

Born in 1996

?Those born in 1996 carry the Fire element, the Water element. This means Jian Xia Shui, better understood as the water under the crevice. Strictly speaking, this age carries the par Lu Trung Hoa.

According to So, to be precise, people born in the year of the Rat – born in 196 – are destined for Lu Trung Hoa.

Considering the relationship of the five elements, the age of the Rat is as follows:

The triangle relationship: Than Ty Thin is compatible with Water Department Hexadecimal relationship: Rat Ox is compatible with Earth Shapes rudeness: Rat shape Rabbit, Rabbit shape means that the relationship is good at first, then it is disrespectful. Vuong Vuong.Similar self: Rat of Rooster is similar to Harm: Rat is harmful of Mui Tuong is: Rat of Ngo

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Overview of the fortunes of men and women born in 1996

People born in the year of the Rat always have a desire to seek knowledge. You work with a positive attitude, work hard and try.

Destiny of the Year of the Rat

You are a successful person in life and career. However, you always create the storms of life that lead to pain.


Overview of the fortunes of men and women born in 1996 Born in 1996, which direction is appropriate?

The social status of people born in the year of the Rat is quite modest. You are a person who is more interested in things that happen in reality than in fantasy or fantasy.

You have the opportunity to meet many lucky things to transform yourself, change your destiny. However, it is very difficult to meet peaceful things in the life of the Rat.

The road to fame and fortune has a lot of luck and merit, so it always has an upward direction of development. Childhood can be arduous. But when you grow up, you assert yourself again. If you marry the right person, it will help your career meet many better things.

Destiny of a female in the year of the Rat

Women born in 1996 always meet many lucky things. You are agile, flexible and a little tricky. However, when you reach the age of 31 you will be able to have an accident. But in general, your whole life is always supported by noble people. You have the opportunity to make a name for your career without spending too much time. Life is always rich and glorious. Peaceful, peaceful family.

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Born in 1996, which direction?

A good direction will bring prosperity and fortune to the owner and all family members. People born in the year of the Rat should choose the direction of the house as follows:


The direction of the house to choose is:

Southeast direction (Serving position): Always receive your help. South direction (Heavenly medicine): Homeowners meet heaven and always have protection North direction (Life): Full of happiness. teen): Everything is going well and fine.

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The beautiful direction brings a lot of luck:

West direction (Heavenly medicine): When encountering heaven, there is always protection Northwest direction (Dien Nien): Everything is always stable Southwest direction (Serving position): Always have your support and help Northeast direction (Life force): Blessings are always perfect

Age suitable for people born in 1996

According to the analysis of the relationship of the five elements, mutual and mutual birth, people born in the year of the Rat will marry in union with the year of the Dragon and the year of the Monkey. Or, you can also marry an Ox.

In business matters, the year of the Dragon, Monkey, and Ox will bring a lot of luck. Fame career ton to. Trade smoothly, money comes to hand.

The age of taboo for people born in 1996 is the age of Jade, Rooster or Rabbit. You absolutely avoid getting married or doing business with these ages.

The color of feng shui is suitable for people born in 1996

Year of the Rat is destined for Thuy. According to the five elements of mutual birth, compatibility, Kim gives birth to Thuy. So the feng shui colors suitable for the year of the Rat are:

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White, Silver, Blue, Black, Gray.

These colors will help stimulate your destiny, attract prosperity and fortune.

Born in 1996 what destiny? Overview of Men and Women

In addition, your age can also choose red, purple or pink tones. Because they belong to the Fire element. But Thuy overcomes Fire, so it will overcome fire energy.

The color that the Year of the Rat should avoid is yellow or earthy brown. According to the relationship of the five elements, Thuy meets Tho. If you wear jewelry or buy a car, an interior in this color will impede positive energy. Since then, work, love, and health have been reduced and stagnant.

In general, people born in 1996 are mostly good and have will. But they lack the long-term view. Choosing the right direction, color and age is very important. Because they determine life and career Future.

Summary video of people born in 1996:

The article gives a complete overview of the fortunes of men and women born in 1996. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below.

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