Currently, English plaster is what and English vocabulary related to plaster is learned quite a lot. This article will share with you the vocabulary about plaster, plaster ceiling, drywall. Answer the meaning of the word gypsum in English. Vocabulary about materials related to building plaster…

What is English plaster? English vocabulary about plaster for home decoration. Viewing: What is English plaster?

Gypsum is written in English as Gypsum.

Gypsum board is Gypsum board.

Gypsum ceiling is Gypsum Ceiling.

Drywall is Drywall.

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What is the English plaster ceiling?

Here are the English words related to plaster.

Ceiling called CEILING.

The Concealed ceiling is called the Concealed ceiling.

Floating frame ceiling is called Exposed ceiling.

Exposed ceiling is called Exposed ceiling.

Partition board is called Partition board.

Mesh tape is called Adhesive tape.

Playing 2 holes is called Bracket angle.

Connect clip is Link Key.

Expansion bold is Tac millet.

Fire resistant is fire resistant.

Lay-in exposed metal ceiling is Floating Ceiling.

Furring runner is the Sub-Sink Frame.

Long cross T is the Long Sub-Bar.

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Main runner is the Main Sink Frame.

Main T is the Main Bar.

U-join is U-join plate.

Wall angle is the Corner Bar.

Short cross T is Short Side Bar.

Steel stud is the vertical bar.

Steel track is Crossbar.

Suspension clip is a 4-hole strut.

Suspension rod is Ty Suspension.

Moisture resistant means Moisture resistant.

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Coated board is Decorative board.

Fiber cement (UCO) is Cement board (UCO).

Fiber glass ceiling is Fiberglass Ceiling.

Gyp art ceiling panel is the art gypsum ceiling panel.

Flat board is a plain ceiling board.

Patterned board is Patterned board.

Termine proof is Anti-Termites.

UCO fire resistant & waterproof board is UCO water resistant & fireproof board.

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