Advantages and disadvantages of Studio apartments Purpose and objects of use of Studio apartment type Beautiful Studio apartment design in HCMC

In addition to the traditional housing types with diverse areas such as apartments, townhouses, villas, level 4 houses … recently in Vietnam is also popularizing a new type of apartment, which is the apartment. studio apartment. So what is a studio apartment? Based on what characteristics to identify a studio apartment? And why is this type of apartment chosen and invested by many people? The above important issues will be shared by Decox Design in the following article, please refer!

Studio Apartment, also known as Studio apartment, is first known as a term in the real estate industry, used to refer to apartments with small space and area (25 – 65m2). With a somewhat modest area like this, there is usually little division of the area by walls or partitions that will be designed in an open form to make the space more spacious and airy.

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The absence of space demarcation is the hallmark of a studio apartment

Studio Apartments originally originated in England with the name Studio Flat. However, due to its outstanding advantages, this type is increasingly popular to many different countries, thereby forming many different names such as in Nigeria it will be called A Self-Contained Apartment, in Brazil known as Monoambiente, in Italy called Monolocale or in Japan as the Studio apartment known as Wanruumu Manshon (A One-Room Mansion) and in Canada known as Bachelor Apartment.

Studio apartments are a popular type of housing in many countries and regions

Initially, the Studio apartment was born with the purpose of serving students or single people to stay when they had to go to another city to study and work. But because there are “plus points” that are easy to see such as cheap price, low power consumption, laborious care and cleaning, more and more people are interested in and choosing this type of housing.

In an apartment project, in addition to ordinary apartments, there are very few types of studio apartments, duplexes, penthouses or sky villas. It is this limited quantity that makes these special types attract customers. Although the area is not too outstanding, the Studio apartment still resonates with its unique design. But just relying on the area to identify the studio apartment is not enough. When you own a Studio apartment, you will feel a “small but big” space with an open design. Room-style interior design (an apartment that has absolutely no dividing walls between spaces) is an easy sign that distinguishes Studio apartments from other types of apartments.

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Sometimes to ensure personal privacy, homeowners can still divide between areas, but instead of using walls, they will switch to small, thin, light, more flexible partitions or convenient curtains.

Although attracting the attention of many homeowners, besides the outstanding advantages, the Studio apartment type still has certain disadvantages. So if you are intending to invest in this type of apartment, please review the following contents before making a final decision.

Because it is a mini apartment, everything is packed in one space. Despite the small area, the Studio apartment still fully guarantees the basic functions according to the needs of the owner. Based on this feature, we can immediately see the following 3 advantages: The cost of buying a house / renting a house will be cheaper than apartments with a large area. For students, office workers, young couples, etc., this can be considered an “affordable” option for most of this target group. As an apartment type, usually built in the city center, it is very convenient for the owner to move.

Studio apartments also help homeowners save energy from lighting, air conditioning, cooking equipment, etc. Instead of having to use many lights, in a studio apartment you can take advantage of the light in the living room to illuminate. for both the kitchen and the rest area.

Due to the small area, homeowners are forced to arrange less furniture than usual, unnecessary items are also removed. This makes your cleanup faster and less laborious. Because it is certain that cleaning a small room with few items will always be faster than an apartment that is both large and bulky.

In general, the most practical advantage of a Studio apartment is the “cost” side. Just mentioning this point alone, this type of housing has also helped some homeowners to solve their problems. However, the small apartment will still have its own limitations. So what are those limitations and how to fix them, please see the section on the disadvantages of studio apartments.

Limiting unnecessary furniture in a Studio apartment has its advantages but also certain limitations. Only the items that are really necessary are kept for a more comfortable living space. To overcome this drawback, you need to create a lot of space to store things, but note that the layout of the that space by height would be more efficient instead of by width.

Another major drawback of the studio apartment is the lack of privacy in the space due to the lack of separation between the spaces. This will sometimes lead to inconvenience if there are guests visiting your house.

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“Should I buy a studio apartment?” This is a question that many homeowners are interested in. To answer this question, you should consider the audience as well as the purpose of use. Because the type of Studio apartment is also quite picky to use.

Initially, the studio apartment was born for the purpose of renting, serving students, office workers, single people, etc., who had to leave home to live in another city to facilitate work and study. These are the subjects who may often change their place of residence, cannot “settle down”, so they do not buy or rent a fixed house with high value, but instead choose a “just right” house. pocket” as well as ensuring the necessary amenities in daily life.

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Today, studio apartments are gradually becoming the project that many investors choose to live in, not just limited to the original rental purpose. With a low price compared to the common ground, helping homeowners to easily own their own apartment is also the purpose that this type of housing is aiming for. Besides, not only saving initial investment costs, but studio apartments can also help homeowners reduce other costs during use, such as the cost of buying furniture.

As mentioned above, the studio apartment was born for students, office workers, young singles, foreigners who are settling short-term, newlyweds, ..Over time To match the needs of users, the target audience of this type has also changed slightly, but not too big. In general, this is a type of accommodation suitable for few people and can optimize costs.

When deciding to choose a Studio apartment to make your own home, the first thing you need to do is definitely decorate and redesign the space so that the space is beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and fully equipped. However, with a fairly small area, if you do not know how to arrange it, it will be easy to make the already tight space even tighter. Understanding this, here Decox Design will suggest some beautiful studio apartment interior designs with diverse styles for your reference.

With an area of ​​only 44m2, this 1-bedroom studio apartment still ensures 3 elements of beauty – comfort – ventilation. This is a studio apartment in District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, located in the project of Saigon Royal apartment building.

With a somewhat modest area, studio apartments usually only have 1 bedroom. However, this does not mean that studio apartments can only design 1 bedroom. Homeowners can still own a 2-bedroom studio apartment like the design below. Design the floor level into 1 bedroom with integrated pull-out bed below, you’ve got yourself 2 bedrooms already.

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Next is still a studio apartment project in Ho Chi Minh City, here Decox Design has chosen to design the interior in a modern style to suit the tastes of the owner as well as limited furniture to make the space airy and spacious. more widely. The thin wall separating the kitchen and bedroom areas is also a plus in this design, now you don’t need to worry about grease or food odors affecting your rest anymore.

If you feel that the studio apartment space is too monotonous and boring, you can try applying the Tropical style to the interior design of the apartment. With the freshness from the colors of nature, it will definitely help you feel more relaxed and comfortable every time you return to your home.

A beautiful studio apartment model that we would like to introduce to you uses the main white tone combined with furniture made from natural materials such as wood, rattan, bamboo to bring an aesthetic space, close to nature. This promises to be an ideal space for homeowners who love simplicity, rusticity and sophistication.

Rustic rustic style is the design style that this studio apartment is aiming for. With a design mainly using wood materials combined with a simple and neat layout, the apartment makes a deep impression in the eyes of visitors.

This is a beautiful studio apartment design that men can refer to and consider choosing. With a strong neutral color tone and a neat and scientific interior layout, it is very suitable for the personality of male homeowners.

To ensure the highest quality of sleep, the architects added a thin partition separating the bedroom area from the rest of the house. Transparent glass material will help catch light well, in addition, arranging more curtains helps homeowners to flexibly adjust privacy in certain cases.

30m2 is an extremely small area, to provide a space with full amenities but still ensure ventilation and spaciousness is a difficult problem that needs architects to come up with a solution. In this case, remove as much of the unnecessary furniture as possible and take advantage of the space on the wall to Increasing storage space is essential. If you own a studio apartment of only 30m2, please refer to the design below for more ideas.

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The space of the studio apartment has a beauty from a modern style but also a little cozy and rustic with wooden materials used in the furniture. The partition in the bedroom area uses frosted glass to help ensure absolute privacy for the owner of the apartment.