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Stocks: What are stocks? Why invest in stocks? Investing in stocks – sounds dangerous? Many of us still don’t understand stocks well, especially young people who are just starting to live independently. Here are some basic knowledge for young people to start their investment career:

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What are stocks?

Shares are simply understood as valuable papers confirming the ownership of shares of the enterprise. Many companies decide to issue shares to serve their growth plan. Shares represent the ownership of the business by each shareholder, so the business is not obligated to return such capital contribution to the owners of its corporate shares.

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Why invest in stocks?

For a very simple reason: When the business is profitable, the stock price will also increase. In addition, owning shares also has the right to receive dividends that the business pays, deducting part of the profits of that business. For example, when you spend 10 million to buy shares, each share price 10,000 dong means you own 1000 shares of a company ABC. When the business does well, the profit increases by 25% and decides to spend 5% of the profit to pay dividends to its shareholders.

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In addition, the enterprise will spend the remaining 20% ​​of profits to reinvest in production and business activities. The dividend you receive is a legitimate income and of course, it will be taxed.

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How many types of stocks

There are two types of shares: common stock and preferred stock.

Common stock is a type of stock that records ordinary ownership of a business. There is some risk in this type of stock when the stock price fluctuates continuously in the market. Investors run the risk of losing part of their money when stock prices fall. Common stock is also the subject of final payment in the event of a business bankruptcy.

Preferred stock is less risky, and of course its return will be less than common stock. Preference shares will be protected by commitments to pay periodic dividends. In the event of bankruptcy, preferred stock holders are also given priority to pay before common shares. Preference shares are a solution that both generates income for investors and helps businesses increase capital.

Start investing now

According to the calculation results of a mutual fund, if you want to become a millionaire (owning 1 million USD) at the age of 65, you must start investing at the age of 25 with an investment equivalent to 3,900 USD. per year at a rate of return of 8% per year.

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Here are 4 useful tips that you should carefully keep in mind during the investment process:

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1. Investing is not gambling

It is a fact that a lot of investors have made or lost a lot of money in a short period of time. However, you must understand that, the fact that you invest a small amount of money regularly is for financial security, not for profit at all costs. This investment process should take place over the long term and you should keep the investment amount active in the financial markets for decades.

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2. Do not invest while in debt

Credit debt is a major obstacle to financial stability. When in debt, what you should try is to save and pay off those debts gradually, not continue to increase the balance in your account. It’s not easy, but once you’ve done it, it’s your best financial decision.

3. Priority for insurance first

Insurance is something that not many young people think about. However, this is a big mistake, you should use some form of insurance before embarking on investing your hard earned money. You may never need that insurance, but once you have a problem it will be an important fulcrum for you.

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4. Create a reserve fund when there is an emergency

Unexpected things can happen at any time that we cannot anticipate. The biggest benefit of setting up an emergency fund is to protect yourself from a difficult situation. Many people, when in trouble, have to use up all the money they have accumulated for a long time to save for old age, which is terrible. In the meantime, you should have a reserve fund to spend. The amount in your reserve fund should be enough to last more than 2 weeks. Setting up a reserve fund will keep you safe in times of crisis.

Once you have carefully considered the above issues, start your investment. Remember, investing in stocks can limit your risk in today’s difficult life.

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