What is Facebook Pixel? How to create and “raise” the Pixel code Facebook in 2020 What is the Facebook Pixel? How to create and “raise” the Facebook Pixel code in 2020

What is the Facebook Pixel? Does it help advertisers to target and display the right users, increase sales, or even measure advertising results… Actually, this is a piece of HTML code installed on your website that works. How to effectively target customers? In this article, we will introduce and share how to insert Facebook Pixel into your website successfully 99.99%.

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What is Facebook Pixel

?Facebook Pixel is a type of code Facebook provides for you to insert on the teespring website, has the function of collecting data, helping you to track changes from Facebook Ads, optimize ads Advertisements such as: Tracking Website Conversion, using Custom Audience to build a target audience to use for the next Ads runs and running re-marketing for people who have interacted with the website. In addition, you can refer to the Facebook Blueprint certificate in becoming a more professional advertiser when reading and understanding Facebook report data here.

How to create and raise Pixel Facebook effectively

To be able to own an effective “child” of a pixel, the first step is to create it first, then use resources and budget to “raise” the pixel to grow. With long-term goals, pixels are getting more and more targeted, which will help the website reach customers in the fastest and most effective way.

Create a Pixel on Facebook the Right Way

First, go to Facebook Events Manager, click the icon (≡) on the left side and select Pixels. or follow this path.

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Click on the blue box containing the word Create a Pixel.

Name the segment Pixel, enter the URL of the website and select Create.

Note: The Pixel Name should represent the company or business, not a campaign. If you want to use more than one Pixel, use Facebook’s business manager.

Insert Pixel Code in Website

In order for the Facebook Pixel to crawl your website, you must install some code for your website, depending on the platform your website uses.

If you use an e-commerce platform like Squarespace or a tag manager like Google Tag Manager, you install the pixel without having to directly edit the code on the web. If working with a developer or someone else can help you edit the code for the web, discuss with them and click “Email Instructions to a Developer” to send information, ask them to install the code for your website. If you are not in the above two cases, start putting the code in web. The steps are as follows:

Click on the word Manually Install the Code Yourself.

Copy and paste the Pixel code at the top of your website’s code. Place it after the tag and in front of the . You need to repeat this for all pages of your website or paste the code in the Template if you have one.

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Select Automatic Advanced Matching. Click select all display options, help automatically match customer data on the website and Facebook, accelerate the conversion process more accurately.

Enter the website URL and select “Send Test Traffic” to check if the code is correct. After making sure the Facebook Pixel is installed, select Continue.

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Track events that are right for your business

Drag the selector to the right to select the event that suits your business needs. For each event, you can choose to track on page load or track inline actions (actions on only 1 page). Learn more about CTR and the importance of advertising at this link

Track page load events: To track actions related to going to another page. Example of successful purchase or registration. Inline event tracking: To track actions happening around a page. For example click on add product to cart button (add automatically, don’t jump to new page).

There are 9 standard Facebook events that the pixel can track.

Purchase Search Leads Complete registration Add payment information Add to cart Add to wishlist Start checkout Search View content

If you want to use custom events for your Facebook pixel, select “Custom Conversions” on the left side of the Facebook Events Manager page. Select “Create Custom Conversion” to customize conversion events with URL rules.

Check the functionality of Facebook Pixel

You add the Facebook Pixel Helper extension to the Chrome browser.

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Go to the website (where you install the Facebook Pixel). If Facebook Pixel Helper finds the pixel code, the icon turns green and a window showing the number of pixels pops up. This window shows whether the pixel is working properly (if not, error information will be displayed for you to correct).

Add Pixel Usage Notice to Website

In order to comply with Facebook’s terms, it is important to make sure that website visitors know that you are collecting data their material. This means that you need to clearly inform your customers that you are using the Facebook pixel and that their information may be collected through cookies or other methods. In order to develop social media, you can create a chat group on facebook so that you can contact advertisers to achieve better goals.

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For a more detailed understanding of this, you can visit the Facebook Business Tools Terms, 3rd point to read about the Special Rules regarding the use of Pixels and SDKs:

Above is a post sharing what Facebook Pixel is, the effect of the pixel on Facebook ads in the process of targeting the audience. There is also a reason to MUST use Pixel Facebook for advertising activities.. Good luck in using “em” it.