If the font when you open the Chrome browser on facebook is faulty or too small, the blurry text tends to be long, not round as usual. Makes you extremely uncomfortable, especially when you have tired eyes because of working on the computer for a long time and want to face to reduce stress. Here, riclix.com would like to guide you through a small utility so that you can fix font errors on Facebook and customize it to your liking.

The font is so small it’s hard to see

First you go to the menu item

select setting item

Choose settings to get into Chrome’s preferences

Under Settings => select the line Show advanced settings

Select this line to show deeper options

Scroll down and select Font options

Select Web Content to customize the font displayed on the web

Select Advanced font settings

Next, follow the picture

If the device has not been installed, there will be a utility request line

Then a table will appear allowing you to download Font Style => choose FREE to download

Below is Japanese text, but you can download it

Select More to start downloading

A table pops up asking you to confirm again

Next, a selection of Themes for each utility will appear => Choose Font Changer With Google Web

Click on Free

Click on the Free button

Show an information panel of the utility

Then you choose nts More to download the widget

You choose Add to confirm

When successfully installed, there will be the word FC in the upper right corner of the browser

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You click on the FC button, select Style and check the box FONT NAME => The result will be like this

The font style changes as soon as you click on the checkbox

If you have a simpler way to do it, please share it for everyone to know. Good luck.