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english stationery

Related question:what is english office supplies what is english stationery shop what is english foil cover what is english paper clip what is english ink pen what vpp is in english what is a trash can in english an english office chair In your daily work and in the office there are countless items that you regularly use every day but sometimes you can’t remember their names. So how should you be able to understand all those commonly used English words? Don’t worry, because this is the article VINACOM will supplement your English stationery vocabulary for you.

English about Stationery:


English stationery

Office supplies:

+ Office supplies: stationery (including stationery in it)+ Envelope envelope+ Stamped/addressed envelope: stamped/addressed envelopes+ Notebooks: note book+ Note pad: notebook Notes+ Wirebound notebook: spring book+ Writing pads: notepad+ Tape measures: measuring tape+ Magnet: board magnet+ Push pins: paper pins+ Glue stick: dry glue+ Glue: glue+ Sealing tape/package mailing tape: tape sealing tape+ Double-sided tape: 2-sided tape+ Duct tape: fabric tape+ Carbon paper: carbon paper+ File cabinet: filing cabinet+ Bookcase: bookcase+ Typing chair: office chair+ Desk: desk+ Doorstop: stopper door, door lock+ Flashlight: flashlight+ Floor mats: office carpet+ Light bulbs: light bulb.+ Fluorescent bulbs: fluorescent light bulb.+ Pesticides & Repellents: insecticide and repellant.+ Receptacles: electrical outlet+ Shredder: paper shredder+ Price labeller: price gun+ Price tape: price tag+ Price tag: price tag+ Wastebasket: trash basket+ Recycle bin/ Trash can/dustbin: trash can/trash bin+ Trash bag: garbage bag+ Bathroom tissue: toilet paper+ Bath tissue dispensers: toilet paper dispenser+ Toilet brush: toilet scrub+ Plunger: toilet plunger+ Rubber bands: elastic band

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+ Writing instruments: Writing tools+ Ballpoint pen: ballpoint pen+ Fountain pen: fountain pen/ink+ Pencil: pencil+ Mechanical pencil: pressing pencil+ Porous point pen,: highlighter pen+ Technical pen: technical drawing pen+ Gel pen: pen gel+ Rollerball pen: ballpoint pen, marker pen+ Highlighter: highlighter pen+ Permanent markers: oil-based marker+ Whiteboard markers: whiteboard marker+ Pencil box/pouch: Pen case/bag+ Erasers: eraser erase+ Rubber: eraser+ Correction fluid: eraser+ Correction tapes: eraser tape

Drawing tools:

+ Drawing instruments: Drawing tools+ Brushes: brushes+ Color pencils: colored pencils+ Crayons: crayons+ Modeling clay: modeling wax+ Water color: watercolor

Desktop Tools:

+ Paper Knife: Paper cutter + Blades: Paper cutter blade + Push Pins: Paper stapler + Rolodex: business card holder + Name Card: Name card book + Scissors: Scissors (paper cutting scissors / office scissors) + Ruler : Ruler+ Plastic paper clip: Plastic paper clip+ Pencil sharpener: Pencil sharpener+ Paper shredder: Paper trimmer+ Paper cutter: Paper cutter+ Rubber: eraser/eraser+ Desk top instruments: desktop tools+ Knives/Scissors/ Blades: knife/scissors/blade+ Tape dispenser: tape cutter+ Laminators: Plastic laminate+ Pencil sharpener: pencil sharpener+ Mailing and shipping supplies: mailing supplies and merchandise

Office equipment:

+ Ink and toner: ink and toner cartridge+ Dot matrix printer”s ink ribbon: dot matrix printer ink ribbon+ Inkjet Ink cartridge: inkjet printer cartridge+ Laser printer toner: laser printer toner cartridge+ Photocopier toner: copier toner cartridge+ Photocopier : Copier+ Plastic binding machine: Book binding machine+ Fax film: fax ink film+ Adding machine: Cashier machine

Profile cover:

– Filing and storage: Classification and storage+ Lever arch file: open cuff cover+ Ring file/binder: Ring cuff cover+ Expandable file: multi-compartment folder+ File folder: File cover+ Double sign board: double sign board cover+ Hanging file folder : Covers with hangers+ Index cards and files: Header slips+ Two-pocket portfolios: corporate portfolios with 2 folding sleeves

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Office Paper:

+ Office paper: dot matrix paper, inkjet paper, laser paper, Photocopy paper.+ Self-stick note (pad): (file) note paper, sticky note+ Self-stick flags: paginated paper

Cleaning Utensils/Utensils:

+ Laundry: detergent+ Laundry detergent powder: washing powder+ Liquid detergent: detergent+ Fabric softener: fabric softener+ Cleaning chemicals: cleaning chemicals+ Dish/dishwashing liquid/detergent: dishwashing liquid+ Toilet bowl: toilet cleaner+ Glass cleaner : glass cleaner+ Air freshener: room spray+ Hand sanitizer : hand sanitizer- Cleaning Equipment: sweeping tools+ Broom: broom+ Carpet sweeper: carpet sweeper+ Vacuum: vacuum cleaner+ Dust pan: dust collector+ Mop/ Floor mop: tree Mop the house + Mop bucket: a basin of water to clean the house + Gloves: gloves + Scrub sponges: dishwashing sponges + Scouring pads: pot brushes

English Quotation:

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