Maths (Mathematics), Literature (Language), History (History),… these are some English vocabulary about basic subjects that everyone may know. But to name all the subjects in English is certainly not easy. Vocabulary about the subject also often appears quite a lot in exercises, tests, writing style and even daily conversation. Today, let’s learn the full set of English vocabulary about all subjects through this article to increase your vocabulary.


English vocabulary about subjects – Natural sciences

Below are the English names of natural science subjects, which are considered the basis for applied sciences in life. Let’s find out in the topic of vocabulary about English subjects how they will be called.

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English vocabulary about subjects

Astronomy: astronomyBiology: biologyChemistry: chemistryComputer science = Information technology: informaticsMaths: math Algebra: Algebra Geometry: GeometryMedicine: medicinePhysics: physicsScience: scienceVeterinary medicine: veterinary medicineDentistry: dentistryEngineering: engineeringGeology: geography chemistry

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English vocabulary about subjects – Social sciences

Next is a vocabulary set of subject names of social science subjects, including scientific subjects that study human aspects of the world. Score the English names of these subjects through this list.

Anthropology: anthropologyArchaeology: archaeologyCultural studies: cultural studiesEconomics: economicsLiterature: philologyMedia studies: media studiesPolitics: political sciencePsychology: psychologySocial studies: social studiesGeography: geographyHistory: historyCivic Education: Ethics: Ethics

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English vocabulary about subjects – Sports subjects

Besides theoretical subjects, at school we will also be trained and developed through physical subjects as well as art. Let’s find out what they will be called in the subject of English vocabulary about the subject.

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Physical education: gymnasticsAerobics: aerobicsAthletics: athleticsGymnastics: gymnasticsTennis: tennisRunning: joggingSwimming: swimmingFootball / soccer: soccerBasketball: basketball Baseball: baseball Badminton: badminton Table tennis / ping-pong: table tennis Karate: karate martial artsJudo: martial arts judo

English vocabulary about subjects – Art subjects

Art: artFine art: fine arts Music: musicDrama: dramaClassics: classical cultureDance: dancePainting: paintingSculpture: sculpturePoetry: poetry, poetryArchitecture: architectureDesign: design

English vocabulary about subjects – Other subjects

Sex education: sex educationReligious studies: religious studiesLaw: lawBusiness studies: business studiesNational Defense Education: Defense educationCraft: Crafts

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Basic structures in the subject title of English subjects

To be able to use English vocabulary about the subject conveniently and easily, you also need to know the writing and speaking style. Here are some basic sentence structures that are common to English subject topics.

Vocabulary about subject

1. S + has/ have + subject/subjects (subject name) + (today/in your school)

If you get the question: “What subjects do you study at school at what time?” then this structure is the answer.


What subjects did you study today?

What subject did you study today?

Today, I study Math, English and Fine art

Today, I study Math, English and Fine Arts.

2. Particle + S + have + subject (subject name + (yesterday/today/tomorrow)?

This is an interrogative question used to ask someone whether or not the subject… at the time… or not. The time can be today, yesterday, tomorrow…


Does he have English today?

Did he study English today?

Yes, he does.

Yes, he is educated.

No, he doesn’t.

No, he doesn’t study.

3. When + auxiliary + S + has/have + subject (subject name)?

A question that is also used to ask someone who has a subject … when.


When do you have Physics?

When did you study Physics?

I have it on Monday everyday.

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I study Physics every Monday.

Common conversations about subjects in English

Communicating in English at school is quite popular with learners. Through this activity, you can both review the knowledge you have learned, and at the same time develop your listening, speaking, communication and conversation skills. Practice asking English questions with your friends to improve your communication skills and apply English in practice. The following, chúng mình sẽ lấy ví dụ về một đoạn hội thoại thường gặp sử dụng tên các môn học bằng tiếng Anh!

Tom: Hey Jenny. What lessons do we have tomorrow?

Jenny: Good morning, Tom. We will have Maths, Literature and I am really eager to study Chemistry in the afternoon.

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Tom: So am I. Chemistry is my favorite subject. I love having experiments and learning with the periodic table, gasses, liquids, acids, and alkalis.

Jenny: That sounds really great. However, sometimes homework in this subject is pretty difficult for me. Do you have any idea how to complete the assignment that was given to us at the last lecture?

Tom: Yeah, sure. I thought the directions were pretty straightforward. If you don’t understand, I can help you to solve it in the next break.

Jenny: Oh, thank you a lot. With your help, I will have more motivation to try harder for this subject.

Tom: You’re welcome. See you at 3.00 pm.

Từ vựng học được:

eager: háo hứcperiodic table: bảng tuần hoàn hóa họcalkali: chất kiềmassignment: bài tập về nhàstraightforward: dễ hiểumotivation: nguồn động lực

Bài tập từ vựng tiếng Anh về môn học

Ở bên trên, chúng mình đã cùng khám phá bộ từ vựng tiếng Anh về môn học cũng như một số cấu trúc ngữ pháp thường sử dụng trong văn phong nói và viết. Hãy cùng nhau ôn tập lại bằng cách thực hành các bài tập từ vựng này nhé.

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1. Adding, subtracting, multiplying and division are just some of the things you will learn when studying this subject

A. Maths

B. Literature

C. Economics

D. Biology

2. Learning about different parts of our world is what this subject is all about.

A. History

B. Geography

C. English

D. Algebra

3. Running, gymnastics and team sports make this subject one of the most popular.

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A Chemistry

B Psychology

C Media studies

D Physical education

4. The natural world and the study of life and plant forms is called …

A. Biology

B. Craft

C. Religious studies

D. Painting

5. The subject of what has happened to the cultures and countries of the world is …

A. Badminton

B. National Defense Education

C. History

D. Geometry

6. The study of composers, concerto’s quavers and blue notes are all included in …

A. Art

B. Biology

C. Civic Education

D. Music

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Trên đây là bài viết chia sẻ từ vựng tiếng Anh về môn học, hy vọng rằng bài viết đã đem lại những kiến thức từ vựng cùng bài tập ôn luyện, đoạn hội thoại mẫu bổ ích cho người học. Áp dụng tên tiếng Anh các môn học ở trên hãy rèn luyện cách xây dựng các câu hỏi tiếng Anh từ chia sẻ của để có thể vận dụng kiến thức học được vào giao tiếp thực tiễn cuộc sống. Hãy cùng đón chờ các chia sẻ tiếp theo từ chúng mình nhé.