If you mention the word with the most variations in Vietnamese, you will immediately think of the words used to call the dearest person next to us – dad and mom. Each region has different ways to call mother (ma, u, bruise, bu, ma,…). Likewise, we have different ways of calling mother in English. No matter how you call it, the common point is still an affectionate voice addressed to the person who loves us the most.

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Through this article, riclix.com not only hopes to help you answer the question “What is English mother?” but also can delve deeper into this meaningful topic through unique learning materials (idiom, quote, …). Are you ready to explore the world of words of love?

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What is mother in English? Good quotes in English about family

What is Mother English?

Many people said they were surprised by the number of possible answers to the question “What is mother of English?” First of all, let’s take a look at the most common words with riclix.com with the meaning and usage of each call!

So what is the word “mother” in English? (Photo: Internet)

*Mother /ˈmʌðə(r)/

For non-native English learners, this is the most common word for mother. Compared to the rest of the words, mother is more formal. This word is used when the caller wants to show respect and courtesy, usually those of a mature age. Mother is also preferred in writing.

Ex: I always buy a bunch of flowers for my mother on her birthdays. (I always buy a bouquet of flowers for my mother on her birthday.)

*Mom /mɒm/ (B.E) or /mɑːm/ (A.E)

You will hear Americans use this word commonly to call their mother. This is an informal word (friendly, closer than formal) and is often used in communication. “Mom” is one of the most commonly used and frequently used informal words.

Ex: Dad, where’s my Mom? (Where are your mom and dad?)

* Mum /mʌm/

If Americans often use “mom” to call mother in a close way, then “mum” is a common word in the UK.

Ex: How are you, mum? (Mom, how are you?)

Some other ways to call

In addition to the three most common names above, a number of different geographical areas in English-speaking countries have other ways of calling Mother. That is why we are surprised by “What is English mother?” There are so many ways to answer that.

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*Mama/mamma /ˈmæmə/ or /məˈmɑː/

A way to call mom in an intimate fashion. If you often watch English-language movies, you will find that most children use this word to call their mother very cute.

Ex: I’m hungry, mama. (Mom, I’m hungry.)

In some parts of Africa, “Mama” refers to mother or is used as a form of reverence for elderly women.

*Mammy/mam /ˈmæmi/ /mæm/

This is an informal word for mother, used in several dialects of English, including Hiberno-English in Ireland. This word is more commonly used by children, when they call and express their affection for their mother.

Ex: I love you, mammy. (Mommy I love you)

* Mommy /ˈmɒmi/ (B.E) or /ˈmɑːmi/ (A.E) (also momma)

Another word often used by children to call their mother. This calling is common in the US.

Ex: Where are you, Mommy? (Mom, where are you?)

* Mummy /ˈmʌmi/

Similar to mommy, however more commonly used in the UK.

Ex: When are you coming back, Mummy? (When will mom come back?)

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Related words

Following the question “What is mother in English?”, let’s expand our vocabulary with related vocabulary about mothers under certain circumstances.

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Other words related to “Mother” (Image: Internet)

Mother-in-law /ˈmʌðər ɪn lɔː/ (n): mother-in-law/mother-in-lawAdopted mother /əˈdɑːptɪdˈmʌðər/ (n): adoptive motherStepmother /ˈstepmʌðər/ (n): stepmotherGodmother /ˈɡɑːdmʌðər/ (n): godmotherExpectant mother: pregnant womanStay-at-home mother/mom/mum: a mother who stays at home to take care of her children, does housework, but can also do the job she loves.Working mother/mom/mum: a woman who has just worked Working (having a job) while taking care of childrenStay-at-home working mother/mom/mum: Women leave work to stay at home to take care of children and turn their hobby into work

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English idioms about mother

It would be remiss not to add some of the following good idioms to the list of knowledge gained from the topic “What is Mother English?”:

Good English idioms about mother (Photo: Internet)

the mother of (all) something: (informal) emphasizes that something is very big, important, or very unpleasant,…

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Ex: Failure is the mother of all success.

necessity is the mother of invention: a difficult problem occurs that forces everyone to think of a solution.

Ex: When they got lost in the jungle at midnight and there was nobody else to help, they tried to start a fire with some types of rock, which they never did before. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Experience is the mother of wisdom: experience is the mother of wisdom (people learn from experiences, things happen to them)

Ex: She had been in the same position and now she is very excellent at doing similar tasks. Experience is the mother of wisdom.

Like mother, like daughter: like mother like daughter (Like father, like son: like father like son)

Ex: Lisa is as intelligent as her mom. Like mother, like daughter.

old enough to be somebody’s father/mother: much older than someone (often used to imply that the relationship between two people is inappropriate)

Ex: People said that his girlfriend was old enough to be his mother.

Face (that) only a mother could love: the face is not pretty, ugly (only a mother can love)

Ex: His physique was remarkable, but unfortunately he was cursed with a face that only a mother could love.

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Good quotes in English about family

One of the fun and meaningful ways to learn English is through quotes and sayings. With the topic “What is mother in English?”, riclix.com will refer to you with good quotes on the topic of family. Believe that you will get a lot of inspiration and motivation from it.

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Family is always a place of love and a place to return to each person (Photo: Internet)

Family is always a solid support, a place to return to

If you have a place to go, it is a home. If you have someone to love, it is a family. If you have both, it is a blessing. (Unknown)

(If you have a place to go, it’s home. If you have someone to love, it’s family. If you have both, that’s happiness.)

Family members are like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one. (Unknown)

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(Family members are like branches, each one grows in different directions, but the root is always the same.)

The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely. (Louis May Alcott)

(The power of finding beauty in the littlest things makes families happy and life lovely.)

Family is a place of love and protection

Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws. (Barbara Kingsolver)

(Sometimes the power of motherhood is greater than the laws of nature.)

The family is one of nature’s masterpieces. (George Santayana)

(Family is one of the masterpieces of nature.)

Mothers are the only ones that think nothing is beyond their control when it comes to their children. (Ali Fazal)

(Mothers are the only ones who think that nothing is out of their control when it comes to their children.)

Family is always a place to protect and protect us (Photo: Internet)

It didn’t matter how big our house was; it mattered that there was love in it. (Madison Alcedo)

(It doesn’t matter how big our house is, what matters is love in it.)

Family and friends are hidden treasures, seek them and enjoy their riches. (Wanda Hope Carter)

(Family and friends are hidden treasures, seek and enjoy their riches.)

“Peace is the beauty of life. It is sunshine. It is the smile of a child, the love of a mother, the joy of a father, the togetherness of a family. It is the advancement of man, the victory of just cause, the triumph of truth.” (Menachem Begin)

(Peace is the beauty of life. It’s sunshine. It’s a child’s smile, a mother’s love, a father’s joy. And the bond of a family. It’s innovation. of man, is the victory of justice and truth.)


“Mother” is always the sacred word that covers the most emotional nuances (Image: Internet)

riclix.com hopes that you have both learning and feeling moments with the topic “What is English mother?” Each calling, although it is different in terms of words or nuances, is still the sound that most dearly expresses each person’s feelings for their mother. We have also just learned about idioms, good quotes related to the topic. Diversifying forms of knowledge makes learning no longer boring or difficult. Moreover, with the meaningful topic just now, we also learn how to love. And appreciate the great happiness I have with my mother and family.