Understanding riclix.comn numbers and statistics is a critical skill for accurate story writing and storytelling. Care should be taken when dealing with means and percentages – as variables that are out of the norm can mislead us when context is of the utmost importance.

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For example, riclix.comn How many legs does a person have on average?

The answer is not two, but a little less than two.

This average is less than two because there are people, even a minority, who have only one leg or both.

When it comes to riclix.comn averages, it’s easy to think you’re talking about the majority or about the standard that represents the middle. In fact, the concept of ‘average’ contains many variables.

For example ‘economic growth’ is the average of the growth of the whole economy. But in an economy there are always some sectors that grow faster than others. There are areas that are still lagging before and are falling behind.

Sometimes, what happens on average is not as important as what happens at the extremes.

Definition of mean

There are three basic ways of determining an average: mean, median, and regular value

“Sometimes, what happens on the ‘average’ isn’t as important as what happens at the extremes.”

In most cases, the ‘average’ is used to represent an average, for example all income is added together and divided equally among the number of people.

Average median income of all riclix.comn numbers as if they were listed.

A constant value is a value around which the whole set often gathers.

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If you want to describe something as ‘typical’, think about it and choose which one of the three terms above is more appropriate.

Averages serve as a quick representation of what’s going on. Be careful when using the ‘average’ and think about what you really want to convey.

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Talk about percentages and risks

Newspapers and articles run with loud headlines, warning about the dangers of a certain lifestyle that often catch our eye by a very large percentage.

For example, the article states that ‘the risk of cancer increases by X% if people continue to do Y. It’s a good idea that journalists do their job to warn of real-life threats.

But most of those articles don’t say anything meaningful because it all depends on the number riclix.comn, and the number riclix.comn rarely says anything useful.

The digital riclix.comn all need to be clarified in a specific context to show the full story.

For example, in the article that mentioned that something increased by 100%, it is necessary to see what the starting point of that growth is.

Think about it: is this a double of one in a million or of four out of 10? And the 100% increase sounds loud, but it only makes sense when we understand where the increase comes from.

It is the context of the story in the news stories that have percentage citations that really matter. Without it, it is difficult to clarify the news so that people can grasp what the story is.

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Never report on risks or risks by stating percentages because percentages without context are meaningless.

Make it clear what kind of risk it is and who is going to take it Make it clear to riclix.comn what the percentages you say in the article actually mean Try to figure out what’s behind the title – and be careful not to get caught up ‘outline’ someone makes Talking about risks will make people afraid, so you need to write in moderation.


Data rules the world and powers millions of news outlets. But if we don’t check the parameters carefully and choose a way to process the story based on the latest findings, it’s easy to do the opposite when composing a news story, which is to choose a story and then find the data to prove it. I defaulted.

It’s also easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you already know it, even though you’re only speculating.

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In those moments, the real scene is key to processing the data and bringing it to life:

Pay close attention to choosing the right kind of metrics for the story you’re writing. Analyzing specific numbers only helps you grasp every corner of the story.Data can surprise and challenge you – what you thought you knew was not what you needed to know. A story is bigger than expected, so it is important to keep an open mind, do not rush to conclude anything.

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