What are Name Servers?

Q: When you type a domain name, you will get to the website you want to access. So, how does the process of website domain name work?

A: It is a process coordinated by Name Servers (domain name servers) based on the domain name system (DNS).

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So, what is a Name Server

?Each website is identified by an IP address. When you want to visit any website, you will type the IP into the browser bar. Because IP is extremely difficult to understand and remember, “domain names” were born to help us.

However, the domain name cannot replace the IP address, it only acts as an intermediary to lead to the IP address you want to access. Therefore, a server is needed to perform the conversion from a Domain Name to an IP address, and that server is called a Name Server (or DNS Server) – a domain name server.

Name Server

?Nameserver maintains a directory of domain names matching several IP (computer) addresses. Information from all names on the Internet is gathered in one central registry.

Therefore, Name Server can allow users to access the website with a familiar domain name, instead of having to remember a complex series of IP addresses.

Nameserves on the network can access information at registration centers up to 8 hours after registration of international domain names .COM and .NET time can be updated up to 48 hours for all names another extended domain (sub-domain). This is the period of time referred to as updating information between Nameservers.

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If DNS server is used to talk about a server system with DNS domain function, then Name Server is the address of a cluster of DNS servers (DNS server).

Transfer Domain to Name Server

DNS Transfer is the domain name resolution system on the Internet. If Web Hosting is your house, Domain name is the address, then DNS is like a map that determines the location of your house when it has an address.

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Web Hosting that supports DNS is very necessary because it helps your domain name to be associated with Web Hosting. Your service provider will give you the name of the DNS as follows:

* Primary DNS Nameserver: ns1.beehostvietnam.com* Secondary DNS Nameserver: ns2.beehostvietnam.com

When you get these addresses, you just need to declare in your Domain name management system, the Domain name will automatically link with Web Hosting within 24 hours.

Operation to perform:


Access to the domain administration page. This is where you buy your domain name.Access to your Hosting account.

There are 2 sources to get information:

Search your email for hosting account informationAsk your provider “DNS servers” or “name servers”

Step 2: Log in to the domain manager and select the “Modify Name Server” item.

Step 3: Uncheck the default Name Server box (this is the default Name Server of the domain name service provider and also provides hosting services).

Step 4: Click again on the custom Name Server, then add the new Name Server information.

Step 5: Click Save/Change Name Server.

Hope you use Name Server effectively!

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