The era of fierce competition between businesses, supply exceeding demand, complex and changeable customer needs, difficult economic situation…

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Marketing was born inevitable and obvious, the day when people communicate with each other, there is already marketing in each story. However, with the word marketing from the perspective of brand companies, it is a story worth telling.

With the era of fierce competition between businesses, supply exceeding demand, complex and changeable customer needs, difficult economic situation, the world is getting flatter and more integrated, specialized English Sales marketing plays a very important role.

Antoree would like to send you 12 common English marketing phrases about products and markets for your reference!

12 common marketing phrases about products and markets

1. To launch a product

When this phrase is used, it means that the product is issued a permit to appear on the market. Consumers can purchase the product once it has been “launched”.

Example sentences: Consumers are anticipating the company’s launch of its next generation of smartphones.

2. To adopt a product

When a consumer accepts a new product and decides to buy it, the phrase “adopt a product” is used in marketing. There are many different types of “adopters” classified by marketers:

People buy the product as soon as it appears. People wait for feedback related to the product before deciding to buy it. People buy the product because they have no other choice.

Example sentences with: There are many people who do not adopt new technology until the old technology is obsolete (out-of-date).

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3. To pioneer a product

“Pioneering a product” means introducing a new product into an existing environment. The product is different and full of innovation.

Example sentences: The company pioneered the “baby carrot”.

4. To log an early win

When a company captures significant market share shortly after “launching a product,” they can “log an early win,” meaning initial success.

Example sentences with: Apple logged an early win in the smartphone market by focusing on usability features.

12 common marketing phrases about products and markets

5. To drive demand

When people want a product, they will have a demand for it. Companies want to create a lot of demand for their products. A simple introduction of the product is not enough. Businesses need to have tactics and tactics, especially to attract the attention of consumers so that they can buy products. The term for that is also known as “drive demand”.

Example sentences: In some emerging markets, a company has to drive demand for the product category before it can drive demand for its product.

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6. To jump at an opportunity

“Jumping at an opportunity” means taking advantage of an opportunity.

Example sentences: We lost Sue to a startup that competes with us. She jumped at the opportunity to work there because of the new challenge and higher financial rewards. We couldn’t match the financial package they offered her.

7. To co-opt someone’s tactics

In marketing terms, “co-opt something” means to embrace and use something for your own purposes. When someone (or a company) “co-opts” tactics in market competition, they are understanding how the competition works and doing something useful for them.

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Example sentences: The advertising campaign was so successful that other advertisers co-opted the style.

8. To rest on one’s laurels

12 Common Marketing Phrases About Products And Markets 12 Common Marketing Phrases About Products And Markets

This phrase means being satisfied with what someone has done, and not trying to improve it in any way.

Example sentences with: Many people believe that the company went out of business because it rested on its laurels.

9. To change the status quo

A phrase that has the meaning of changing the way things have been done recently.

Example sentences: Surviving in this economy means shaking things up. We can’t keep on operating in the same way. It’s not working for us anymore. We have to change the status quo.

10. To lead the change effort

A change effort is an attempt to materialize a change internally within the company. When someone in the company is leading the change, it is understood that it is their responsibility to make sure the transition is smooth and acceptable.

Example sentences: He hired several others in top management roles to help him lead the change effort.

11. To make tweaks to the pricing

“Tweaking something” is making small changes to something. Companies do this to find the right place to sell their products.

Example sentences: Demand for the product was very low at first. We suspect that we had priced it too high. So we made tweaks to the pricing, and then the product flew off the shelves.

12. To seek step-change growth

The Growth that brings about important improvements is called “step-change growth”. When a company is looking for ways to achieve significant improvements, it is looking for “step-change growth”.

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Example sentences: Acme Inc. wasn’t seeking step-change growth when it introduced the new widget. But now that the company has achieved step-change growth, they are looking for ways to sustain it.

12 common marketing phrases about products and markets

Above are 12 impressive and common marketing phrases about products and markets. The practice of new words is extremely important! Spend some time mulling over these phrases, memorizing them, and looking for opportunities to use them.

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12 Common Marketing Phrases About Products And Markets

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