An eco-city is a place to live that is designed in harmony and balance with nature. This place gives people a friendly and healthy life with specific criteria.

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1. What is an ecological city? The growth of an airy and environmentally friendly place to live encourages investors in Vietnam to launch many ecological urban areas that meet the criteria of green, healthy living and sustainable development.

Some new and worth living ecological urban areas in Vietnam must be mentioned such as: Athena Fulland urban area, The Manor Central Park urban area, Ciputral urban area, …

The criteria for consideration of eco-city assessment, according to IES, include the following groups:

– Urban structure: on land use and urban architecture; – Urban transport in order of priority: pedestrian, bicycle, elevator (elevators, escalators), public transport by tram or subway, public transport by bus, then cars;– Energy: use renewable energy such as wind, sun…, limit the use of non-renewable resources , using energy conservation solutions;– Society: best meet the requirements of architecture and design of accommodation and living for people, ensuring education and employment…;– Agriculture; – Planning of specific areas and management tools; – Policies and management institutions; – Economic…

Eco-city is known as the “worth living” place today

2. Criteria for planning ecological urban areas

There are main principles for creating eco-cities: (1) Minimal encroachment on the natural environment; (2) Maximize diversification of land use, urban functions and other human activities; (3) To the extent possible, try to keep the urban system self-contained and self-balancing; (4) Keeping urban population growth and the potential of the environment optimally balanced.

An ecological city is a place built to provide accommodation, entertainment and entertainment for people. An eco-urban area is different from a normal residence in that it has a harmonious and balanced design with nature, allowing residents to have a friendly life, close to nature. To be recognized as an eco-city, the following main criteria must be met:

2.1. About architecture

Works in eco-urban areas must ensure maximum exploitation of solar, wind and rainwater sources to provide energy and meet the water needs of users. Specifically, it is necessary to design to make the most of natural energy sources such as: sun, air, wind and water to serve the daily life of residents living in urban areas. Set aside a lot of space for green space development such as parks, lakes, and trees.

Image of ecological urban architecture

2.2. Biodiversity

The city must be secured with natural habitat corridors. Nurturing biodiversity and providing access to nature for recreation.

2.3. Traffic and transportation

Traffic and transportation in urban areas are limited to the use of vehicles. The majority of the urban population will live and work within walking distance. Or bicycles to minimize the need for motorized mobility. Use public transport. Connecting centers to serve the needs of people moving further. Limit travel by motor vehicles as much as possible. Harm to the environment such as motorbikes and cars. Invest in public transport such as buses. Build many pedestrian zones and places for rudimentary vehicles such as bicycles.

2.4. Industrial problems

The industry of the green city will produce reusable goods. Reproduction and regeneration. Industrial processes include the reuse of by-products. And minimize the freight. Minimize construction near factories. Industrial zones cause dust and noise pollution. Apply modern machines and technologies to process and treat wastewater. Atmosphere, with a waste separation system…

2.5. Green urban economy

An economy that concentrates labor instead of using raw materials. Energy and water, in order to maintain regular employment and reduce raw material use.

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Eco-urban areas need to be green, clean and beautiful

To achieve the above criteria, it is necessary to have in-depth studies on natural conditions. And the society of the area or planning area to make appropriate solutions and decisions. During operation, to maintain and achieve ecological goals. There is a need for cross-sectoral coordination measures such as enhancing access to information. Raise public awareness, apply clean technology, use biological building materials. Use renewable natural resources (sun, wind), reduce energy consumption. Avoid waste and recycle waste.

It is possible to say “birth” “urban ecology – green city” refers to the living conditions of the city. The object of interest is the ecological environment. “Eco-city” is an urban area that meets the criteria for green living environment conditions and quality. And “new urban planning”. An urban planning method that aims to achieve the criteria of a high quality of life. Towards the sustainable development of that city.

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