IQF refrigeration system, also known as super-speed freezing of bulk products. The IQF symbol stands for Individual Quickly Freezer. This system uses slow moving conveyor belts. During the movement, the product to be frozen will be exposed to cold air at a lower temperature.

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What is IQF?

1. IQF refrigeration system concept

IQF refrigeration system, also known as super-speed freezing of bulk products. The IQF symbol stands for Individual Quickly Freezer. This system uses slow moving conveyor belts. During the movement, the product to be frozen will be exposed to cold air at a lower temperature.

IQF refrigeration system is specialized for frozen products in bulk. The moving speed of the conveyor belt can be adjusted, which also depends on the frozen product as well as the finished product requirements. The heat in contact with the frozen food is high-speed forced convection air, the heat is only from -35 to -43 degrees Celsius with a fast time, and the heat loss is poor thanks to the double-layer stainless steel-coated insulation chamber made from polyurethane.

IQF refrigeration system classification has three main types as follows:– Twist-type conveyor freezing chamber, also known as Spiral IQF- Straight conveyor freezing chamber: Straight IQF- Super-speed conveyor freezing chamber: Impingement IQF

In the workshop or factory, the IQF refrigeration system chamber is associated with other conveyors such as steaming, cooling, drying, glazing and re-freezing.

General principle of IQF refrigeration system:

IQF refrigeration system uses NH3 refrigerant with many types of freezing conveyor belts and uses the method of supplying indoor unit with a pump.

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Accompanying the freezing conveyor belt is the refreezing conveyor belt. People use water to defrost the indoor unit of the freezing and re-freezing conveyor belt. Next, to dry the conveyor belt, people use compressed air.

Other equipment of IQF refrigeration system includes: high pressure, low pressure storage tank, oil separator, oil recovery tank, intermediate tank, condenser, cooling water pump, fluid pump, defrost and water tank defrost.

2. Ivory IQF refrigeration system freezing chamber

The chamber has a box structure, stainless steel double-sided wall panels using polyurethane material 150mm thick, density 40kg/m3. The inside of the conveyor belt follows the form of a spring torsion from the bottom up. Forced convection air indoor unit with high speed and low heat, about -40 to -30 degrees Celsius.

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Compact chamber structure, low heat loss, high efficiency, but complicated repair and maintenance due to conveyor arrangement. Conveyor belt made of stainless steel or heat-resistant plastic, moving quickly and slowly thanks to electronic inverter. There is a cleaning system with water and compressed air, including a vibration hammer in the freezing chamber to prevent product sticking. The indoor unit has an axial fan, a water-resistant motor, NH3 refrigerant, stainless steel heat exchanger tubes. , aluminum wings, defrosting with water. All details of the IQF refrigeration system (indoor unit support frame and conveyor belt, indoor unit cover) are made of stainless materials.

3. IQF refrigeration system freezing chamber in straight line

Seamless arranged on the conveyor belt, blowing cold wind on the surface of the conveyor belt when there is a product. Polyurethane cover 150mm thick, double-sided stainless steel cover. Thanks to the straight conveyor form, this type is quite easy to fabricate, the product goes in and out at both ends. However, the length of the conveyor belt is large, so it takes up a lot of space. In order to limit heat loss at the cargo door, this system uses doors with small openings, depending on the product type.

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4. High-speed IQF refrigeration system freezing chamber

The structure is relatively similar to that of the straight feed chamber above. However, inside, 1 to 2 conveyors are arranged, the speed can be adjusted depending on the product and demand. The indoor units are arranged in two rows on either side of the conveyor. The air duct helps to concentrate the cold heat from the air more on the product.

The supply chamber has a 150-200mm polyurethane insulation cover on both sides of the stainless steel face. The freezer compartment has a cold storage door with a door heating resistance system, and inside there is also a light.

Conveyor system and equipment are made of stainless steel. The stainless steel indoor unit and aluminum fins are suitable for R22 and NH3 circulation pumps, specially designed impellers to increase heat transfer efficiency and easy cleaning. All surfaces and floors are watertight, and the freezer has a slope inside for easy water drainage.


– Same fast freezing time as liquid nitrogen freezers– Minimal water loss, with half the operating costs of liquid nitrogen.– Excellent quality, non-flammable, high quality product. product does not move in the machine – Product retains its original shape – Meets industrial hygiene standards – Quick installation, complete block, expandable to increase capacity, can be used for the whole system NH3 and Freon refrigeration systems.– Suitable for thin and flat products such as fish fillets, shrimp, potato cakes, baked goods and egg products.

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Hope you can find a model of IQF refrigeration system suitable for your business model based on according to the above information that Thien Hai has given.

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