Here are 25 of the best dystopian novels of all time that anyone who is passionate about the dystopian genre cannot ignore.

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What is dystopia?

Dystopia (anti-paradise) is a Greek word, used to refer to societies and worlds that develop in a negative or scary direction. Roughly translated, dystopia is “a bad place.” Dystopian societies appear in many works of art, especially works set in the future. 1984 and Brave New World are the two most famous dystopia works. Characteristic of dystopia works is showing inhumanity, dictatorship, environmental disaster, and other factors related to social degradation. Dystopian societies appear in many lines of fiction and are often used to talk about existing problems in society at that time, such as environmental, political, economic, religious, psychological, ethical, scientific and/or technological, issues that, if left unaddressed, will lead society to a dystopia future.

1. The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood

Written in the 1985s, The Handmaid’s Tale is set in a dystopian future where the United States is replaced by the Republic of Gilead. A future where, for some reason, the birth rate has plummeted. Under these circumstances, the government is overthrown and control of the country is in the hands of extremists known as the Commanders. The whole democracy as we know it disappeared, the Old Testament became the law. But the nightmare doesn’t stop there.

Fertility women are abducted and trained at a place known as Red Camp to become birthing machines for high-status infertile couples in that twisted society. This is even considered a legitimate policy aimed at increasing the population. This is a terrible scenario, especially for us who live in a free world. So it’s not surprising that many lines in The Handmaid’s Tale can shock sensitive readers.

The plot of The Handmaid’s Tale revolves around the life of the character who calls himself Offred (Of Fred). As well as being the soul of the story, she is also the echo of the other maids under the oppressive Republic of Gilead. Through this character, we can become aware of what goes on in the minds of all the other women who are in the same situation as her. From their greatest fear to their innermost desires.

Not only that, through Offred’s narrative words, we can feel the oppression that comes to all women in The Handmaid’s Tale. The women here are not considered human, a human being with personal feelings and desires. They are objects, things owned by someone. Even the wives of Commanders of high social status were persecuted and controlled by the opposite sex. They are not allowed to express opinions, they do not have the right to decide. Or they will be punished by whipping by the husband’s own hand.

It is these things that make Offred feel despair, she becomes a passive and afraid person that does not dare to stand up for herself but only obey.

“All you have to do, I tell myself, is shut your mouth and look stupid, it’s not that hard.”

Throughout the book’s length, all we see is Offred’s ultimate suppression. But just like a balloon that is inflated and will eventually explode, she actually has a resistance at the end of the story when she agrees to step into Eye’s (secret police) car fearlessly despite the fact. interrogation of the Commander’s wife. In the context of The Handmaid’s Tale, this is a pivotal moment that marks the development of Offred’s character.

While it’s impossible to know if Offred’s ending will be seen as a Concubine and exiled to a radioactive wasteland or escape, the emotions she leaves behind in the book are so genuine that it will make anyone read it. Everyone had to utter a prayer of hope that she could finally overcome all adversity to live a happy life.

With an impressive voice, Atwood painted a scary and realistic “future” scene. It is what happens in the “future” of the book, the present of countless women around the world. They make us panic and wonder if our society has been moving towards such a dark world? But at the same time, the book also contains other bright messages. That hope always exists, and let’s cherish the happy memories we have no matter how small. As Offred once thought when he looked back on the past. “And we don’t know how happy we were back then.”

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2. 1984 – George Orwell

One Nine Eighty-Four (English title Nineteen Eighty-Four; often written as 1984) is a novel about British writer George Orwell’s dystopian dystopia, published in 1949. The book tells the story of Winston Smith and his corruption caused by the tyranny in which he lives. .

Along with Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, it is one of the most famous and most frequently cited dystopian fantasy societies in literature.

The novel has been translated into 62 languages ​​and has left a deep impression on the English language itself. Nineteen eighty-four, the term as well as its author has become adage when people discuss issues of state security and individual privacy. The term Orwellian is also widely used when describing actions or organizations that recall the totalitarian society erected in the novel.

Nineteen eighty-four was at one time seen as a political and revolutionary danger and was therefore banned by many libraries in many different countries, not just autocracies.

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3. Brave New World – Aldous Huxley

It is a masterpiece of world literature written in 1931 and has amazed generations even though nearly a century has passed because of its prophetic nature.

The beautiful new world of the sci-fi genre, depicting London in the year A.F.632 (2540), it is the world of a new humanity, a humanity completely remade by technology. Human products are divided into 5 categories at 5 levels in order from high to low according to the Greek letters: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon, trained according to their own caste to create an order. themselves to build into “a beautiful world”.

But is a world that behaves with each other according to the emotionless, destructive programming of humanity really a beautiful world?

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4. Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury

Imagine a world where television dominates and literature is on the verge of extinction, where shallow information is celebrated and knowledge and ideas are outlawed, where possession of books is illegal. People can be arrested just for walking on the sidewalk, but the job of the soldiers is not to put out the fire, but to light the fires…

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When he portrayed that fictional society through the eyes of fireman Montag’s crisis of faith, Ray Bradbury would not have been able to believe the terrible prophetic power of the book. The society we live in today bears a chilling resemblance to what Bradbury describes: a civilization that relies too heavily on media, entertainment, and technology. Because of that, more than sixty years after it was first published, 451 degrees Fahrenheit is still enough to leave anyone reading it stunned and stunned.

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5. The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

A cruel world in the future…

That’s when North America was slowly recovering from years of civil war. After the Panem state suppressed the revolt of the thirteen districts, destroying District 13, the rulers imposed a cruel punishment on the remaining twelve districts. Every year from each district a man and a woman are chosen as scapegoats, gathered on a battlefield, to destroy each other until only one is left alive.

In a sacrifice to save her sister, Katniss fell into the mortal arena. She and Peeta become a companion, adventure together into a world filled with death, where there are 24 entrances for 24 people but only 1 way out. What will Katniss have to do, when the opponents Her is a guy who has feelings for her and someone she considers as a sister?

Mysterious, thorny but poetic, making readers thrilled to every word, it is no coincidence that Hunger Games has been on The New York Times bestseller list for 60 weeks, and brought Time magazine honor to author Suzanne Collins as one of the world’s most influential people in 2010.

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6. The Time Machine and the Invisible Man – H. G. Wells

The book’s protagonist is an elegant scientist and inventor who lives in Richmond, Surrey in Victorian England, and is simply referred to as the Time Traveler by the narrator. The narrator recounts the story of the traveler feeding his dinner guests as simply a fourth dimension, and his description of a model machine used for teleportation. through it. He reveals that he has built a machine capable of carrying a person through time, and returns at dinner the following week to tell a remarkable story, becoming the new storyteller.

In the new story, Time Traveler tests his gear with a journey that takes him to 802.701 BC, where he meets Eloi, a society of small, elegant, and young humans. child. They live in small communities with large and modern houses but gradually deteriorate, do not work and eat only fruit. His efforts to communicate with them were hampered by their lack of curiosity, discipline, and his view that they were a peaceful society, the result of mankind’s conquest of nature with technology, and then evolved to adapt to an environment in which strength and intelligence were no longer conducive to survival.

Returning to where he came from, the Time Traveler is surprised to find his time machine missing, and eventually learns that it has been dragged by a mob into a nearby structure with a heavy door. , locked from the inside, just like the Sphinx. Fortunately, he removed the machine’s lever before leaving it. Later in the dark, he was threatened by the Morlocks, apes that live in the dark underground and only come above the surface at night. In their house, he discovers machines and technologies that can turn the earth into heaven. He altered his theory, speculating that the human race had evolved into two species: the idled group had become the lazy Eloi, and the oppressed working class had become the sadistic light-fearing Morlocks. shining. Deducing that the Morlocks had taken his time machine, he explored Morlock’s tunnels, discovering that due to lack of food, they ate the Eloi. His re-interpretation was that their relationship was not that of lord and servant, but of cattle and rancher. The traveler reasoned that intelligence was the outcome and response to danger; There was no challenge for Eloi to face, they had lost humanity’s spirit, mind, and body to the limit.

Meanwhile, he saves an Eloi named Weena from drowning and none of the other Eloi has any notice of her plight, and they develop a naive emotional bond over the course of several days. He takes Weena with him on an expedition to a nearby structure that turns out to be the remains of a museum, where he finds a supply of matches and invents a weapon against the Morlocks, who he was afraid to fight to get his computer back. He intends to bring Weena back to his time. Because of the long and tiring journey back to Weena’s house, they stopped in the forest, and then they were captured by Morlocks in the night, and Weena fainted. The traveler only escaped with a small torch that he had leaving behind to prevent the Morlocks from catching them becomes a wildfire; Weena was lost in the flames, just like the Morlocks.

The Morlocks open the Sphinx and use the time machine as bait to trap the traveler, unaware that he will use it to escape. He steers the levers forward and takes him further to about 30 million years after his time. There he saw some of the last living creatures on a dying Earth, a fearsome crab-like creature that roams a blood-red beach chasing a giant butterfly in a world. filled with simple vegetation. He continued to make short visits over time, seeing the Earth’s rotation gradually end and the sun becoming larger, redder, and brighter, and the whole world falling silent and priceless. as cold as the last living thing degenerating.

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Stunned, he went back into the machine and returned to Victoria, arriving at his lab in Richmond (since he traveled in time and space) just three hours after he left. Interrupting dinner, he confirmed his adventure to his skeptical visitors, presenting evidence of two strange white flowers Weena had left in his pocket. The narrator was initially receptive and narrated that he returned to the Traveler’s house the next day, finding him making final preparations for another journey.

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7. The Giver – Lois Lowry

Even if one has read the brief introduction around the book, not reading it can not feel its strangeness. A great transmitter of memory in the imagination and the messages it carries. A Community that is not well defined in space and time exists, knowing only its members have humanoid forms, and Some structures are just like people. At the head of the community there is a Council that decides everything, of course, there is still a higher power, still in charge of the whole. Each individual is born not by their parents, but by natural mothers, the women are given the task of giving birth to a new baby for the community. When born, the new baby will be assigned by the Council to a pair of parents. feed. Each age level is a class of people in the community with different functions and positions. At the age of Seven, each child will be assigned a bicycle, proving a step of maturity. And when they turn Twelve, they will be given a Private Quest (ie a job to maintain the community). Already When they are older, they will be separated from their homes, combined with a person of the opposite sex to create a new home, and adopt two children, a boy and a girl. In that community, everything had to be made public even if it was a dream, and everything was within the precepts, even if it meant eating a full breakfast. There is no suffering, everything flows smoothly according to an immutable principle. Including the release of someone from the community, to the Elsewhere forever. Jonas, the protagonist boy of The Giver, is entering the most important moment, the inauguration of the Mission when he turns Twelve. But before that day, against the placid background of that communal life, some changes came to Jonas. First of all, as was common in the community, he dreamed that he wanted to bathe Fiona naked in a tub of water but couldn’t. He had an experience, and had to take a drug – an anti-emotional drug – to make the dream come only once. Then, as he toss the apple, Jonas sees something beyond the border. The real story begins when Jonas didn’t receive any Quests on that holiday, because he was chosen to be the recipient of the Memory. Jonas went to learn memories from an old man who took over the memories. memories from their predecessors. What is memory? Those are all the feelings, images, and experiences about life that we humans today are seeing: the quiet happiness of romantic nature, the joy of family,… but those things are not. too little compared to the pain of war, poverty, loss, separation. Jonas was shocked and miserable, but still bravely accepted to shoulder the torment that was tormenting his teacher. He did not dare to be allowed to ask for release, otherwise he would be like the girl who did not complete the task before him, returning the feelings to the community, making all members wobble and bewildered. Then, anyway, he had to make a decision, when the new baby – the guest of his family was decided to be released by the Council due to crying at night. And Jonas has chosen a separate direction before the mission entrusted by the community.

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8. Animal Farm by George Orwell

Animal Farm is a satirical novel that criticizes the corruption of the political leadership.

The story begins at Mr. Jones’s Estate. One school night after Master Jones had fallen asleep from his drunken stupor, the animals of Manor Farm gathered in the barn to listen to Old Major tell about a strange dream. Beginning, in a clear and powerful voice, Old Pig Major recounts his understanding of the nature of life. Accordingly, the animals were born to have to work hard, endure hardships, not eat enough, until they could no longer work, they were slaughtered. They are enslaved to humans and this is a world of creatures that only consume, not produce. So there is only one solution: to overthrow humanity. All animals must unite for a common purpose: rebellion.

The meeting was briefly interrupted because several dogs ran off to chase the mice, next Big Hog proposed a vote on deciding which rats were comrades, then all the animals agreed to another decision. of the Old Boar Major as follows: Man is the Enemy. Animals therefore need to be kept away from human habits: not to use houses, beds, clothes, money, trade, alcohol. And above all, We are All You. No animal may kill another animal. All animals are equal. The old pig Major was unable to describe his good dream to the other animals, and he also taught the other animals to sing the Animals of England song that he learned in the dream. By singing this revolutionary song over and over again, the animals all became wild.

Not long after, the Old Hog Major died, but the other living animals, who needed to understand Animalism, had to rebel against their master Jones. The work of teaching and organizing the masses is entrusted to the pigs because pigs are considered clever, skillful animals. Of these animals, two of the most talented are Snowball Pig and Napoleon Pig. There is also Pig Squealer, an excellent talker. As the days went by, rancher Jones drank more and more brandy and became more and more late in tending the farm. Then one afternoon, when Mr. Jones forgot to feed the animals after a long day, the animals broke down the door, burst into the feeder and took the food. Mr. Jones and the employees used whips and sticks to beat the animals. These hungry animals couldn’t take it any longer. They then attacked the oppressors. Surprised and scared at the same time, both the master and the servant were kicked out of the farm.

So surprise. The uprising was successful. Master Jones is no more, Farm Manor belongs to the animals from now on. The joy of all animals is immeasurable, they are masters and will work together in harmony for the rest of their lives…

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9. Ender’s Game – Orson Scott Card

Ender’s Game is a 1985 science fiction novel by American writer Orson Scott Card. Set on a future Earth, when we face danger after two Invasion against the “bug”, a type of alien creature shaped like an insect. To prepare for the Third Invasion, the children, including the main character – Ender Wiggin – were trained from a very early age in outer space, by simulation games, which is also the place where nature is. Ender’s talent is revealed.

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The book is derived from the short story “Ender’s Game”, which was published in the August 1977 issue of Analog Science Fiction and Fact. Building on its characters and backstory, Card later wrote the book addition to the “Game of Ender” series. Card released an updated version of Ender’s Game in 1991, changing several political events to accurately reflect history; such as the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.

The novel was generally well received. It has also become a must-read for many military organizations, including the United States Marine Corps. Ender’s Game won the 1985 Nebula Award for best novel and the 1986 Hugo Award for best novel. The book’s sequels, “Speaking for the Dead”, “Terminator”, “Child of Mind” and “Ender in Exile”, follow Ender’s subsequent travels to various worlds in the universe. river. In addition, the later novels “The War of the Gifts” and the novel “The Shadow of Ender” both take place in the same time period as the original.

A film of the same name, directed by Gavin Hood and starring Asa Butterfield as Ender, premiered in October 2013. Card is co-producing the film. The novel has also been adapted into two manga series.

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10. The Road – Cormac McCarthy

“Cormac McCarthy is a master of American literature and Father and Son is the best work he has ever written… A story that leaves the reader truly stunned and moved. It uncovers what is hidden in the human heart.”

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11. Ready Player One – Ernest Cline

Ready Player One is set in the world of 2045, when reality has become too dark, and people hide in a virtual world called OASIS. One day, when James Halliday, the founder of OASIS, died, a message was publicly broadcast: OASIS has a secret, and whoever finds out will inherit the fortune and business. his career. A rush to “find gold” broke out, but no one found anything.

Until 5 years later, when a teenager named Wade Watts discovers a clue…

The most striking feature of this novel is its ’80s cultural elements. When reading, we will encounter many descriptions of TV shows, fashion fads, video games, funky music, etc., everything is depicted very vividly, very realistically. When reading can easily feel the enthusiasm of Ernest Cline. His love for the games of that time, as well as the old “geek” culture, was revealed in every word.

Of course, because the biggest attraction of Ready Player One lies in its depiction of the 80s culture, especially the 80s in the United States, so young readers will find it difficult to empathize with the work. this. Unless you are a culture enthusiast, and can consider this as a kind of “history book” about American popular culture in the past.

In addition to the 80s culture, Ernest Cline also paints a very real world, making the problems of that world so realistic. Overdependence on fossil fuels, global warming, economic stagnation, escape into the virtual world… all are problems of ours today, pushed to the extreme if we don’t change. change way of life. Most especially our obsession with technology. Cline satirized our increasingly virtual world, when technologies that should help people connect more together push us further apart, more alone.

However, apart from those two factors, the work is not very remarkable. Although the characters have depth and have interesting interactions with each other, they are still stereotyped by teenage character models in a work with the essence of the journey from the ignorant to the city. Typical hero, nothing new. And if you ignore the glamor of the virtual world and the cultural elements, this is just a typical YA dystopia story. Although of course the reduced intelligence love part is better than a lot of the books already.

In short, Ready Player One paints an engaging world and offers interesting ideas, but the story relies too much on readers being confused. “shocked” by the OASIS world and nostalgic for the 80s, so it’s not really deep. It can be said that it is a good work, but not to the extent that many people are still flattering.

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12. Slaughterhouse-Five Kurt Vonnegut

“A tragedy forbids tears, a comedy forbids laughter” is the extremely accurate back cover of this World War II novel. “Slaughterhouse Number Five” has been banned from release in many countries because of the naked truth about the war it exposes. This 1969 work made the name of author Kurt Vonnegut.

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13. The Windup Girl – Paolo Bacigalupi

The world ran out of fuel, and had to use organic matter to run the machines. A Thai food producer discovers a rare fruit and tries to get it back.

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14. Divergent – ​​Veronica Roth

The book created a literary phenomenon in the United States when it first appeared, has just been released to number 6 on the New York Times bestseller list, then 39 consecutive weeks at the top of the Best list. Seller 2012. DIVERGENT is one of the hottest names in the first half of 2013 on the charts, chosen by Hollywood to make a movie with the participation of famous actors like Kate Winslet, Maggie Q…

The story takes place in a city in the US state of Chicago, where there are 5 sects, each with its own principles and ideals, forcing members to live and work according to specific purposes and tasks. of their faction: Abnegation – selfless people, sacrificing themselves for others, Candor – honest people, Dauntless – brave, reckless and strong people, tasked with protecting the city, Erudite – sect of learning and erudition, Amity – people who live and fight for peace and justice.

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Beatrice is a special character, this 16-year-old born Abnegation girl has a nature and natural ability that does not belong to any fixed faction. During the selection ceremony for members of the sects, Beatrice decided to give up her family and join the Dauntless collective to be herself. After a thorny entrance exam, she discovers many unimaginable secrets about the war that are spreading in the city. And Beatrice must rescue her family, continue the fight with the dark forces that want to overthrow the government.

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