Since the version of the martial arts game (animal arena) was released in 1997, the player community has been very interested in this game. However, because the image and sound quality is not good, many versions were quickly born to improve that, not only the character system also changed slightly to suit. Of which the best is still the 2nd version, because it is the lightest, most attractive and easy to play.

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Description of the martial arts game In the martial arts version of the game, there are a total of 11 characters, the player can choose his character to turn into a beast to fight the opponent. There are two game modes: human-machine and human-human. In the human-machine mode, the player will fight a pre-programmed character, to stimulate the player’s enthusiasm, if you win all the opponents without dying, you will face General Gado. Super strong. In the human-person mode, two players will confront each other directly, flexibly use moves and win. In these 2 game modes, the person – direct antagonist mode will be dramatic and bring a lot of creativity in the way of fighting. The player must make the opponent lose as much health as possible, then use the decisive blow to defeat the opponent.

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How to download the game of martial arts to your phone? Initially, the game of martial arts was dedicated to the playstation, but the game is too attractive to players, so now the game is available on the phone, and in this article Mienphitaive share with you the martial arts game for phones running ANDROID operating system and phones running Java.

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The martial arts game is one of the classic fighting games loved by many people even though it has been around for a long time. The game is designed with sharp graphics, vivid sound that makes players feel like they are immersed in the battle itself. With dramatic, attractive, non-violent scenes, this is an extremely good entertainment game, suitable for all ages. Download the animal arena to your computer and play it anytime and anywhere you want. Download the game to your phone ANDROID: the game to your Java phone: