iCas for iPhone is Zingplay’s free online fish shooting game. Game iCá for iOS with simple 4-player gameplay will bring you to the most realistic blue ocean world. Download the game iCá for iOS to start exploring and playing the game of shooting fish to eat coins in the familiar supermarket.

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Basically, the way to play iCá game for iOS is very similar to the classic coin-eating fish shooting game, but you will not have to “burn” money for this game as usual. The law of big fish eats small fish, the bigger the fish you shoot, the higher the score will be and the longer the shooting time will be. To win in each level, you will have to have quick reactions, aim continuously and persistently pursue the goal.

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New feature update in iCa 4.0 version

Launched the Fire Phoenix with special skills, allowing you to shoot freely without worrying about spending gold. Upgrade image sharing feature, fun combination between Puffer fish and PikaLong. New interface. Small tweaks make the game experience better.

When participating in the game iCa, you will be given a starter gift of 1,000 gold and own 6 cannons to destroy 18 different types of fish, and 4 beautiful mermaids. Even more attractive when you have the opportunity to compete with 3 other players. Shoot a lot of fish to collect a lot of gold coins and level up quickly.

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iCá also supports community connection by logging into Facebook and Zalo social networks. Thanks to that, you can easily make friends, share on the wall to “show off” your achievements to your friends when eating goldfish, taking photos, summarizing screens.

Introductory video of iCá online shooting game

Game modes in the game iCá for iOS

Free Fire Mode

The free-fire mode in iCa allows you to freely shoot the fish in the lake without having to care about the time. Your gun will get bigger over time after each hit.

Challenge mode

Challenge mode helps players freely participate in thrilling battles, creating extremely attractive competition opportunities to find the winner. When participating in the challenge, you will bet according to the level of 100 gold or 1,000 gold and have to fight each other within 90 seconds, the winner will be the person with the highest score of shooting fish.

Boss Hunting Mode

Boss hunting mode will help you earn a lot of bonuses. Although it takes a lot of time to destroy the Boss, the reward is extremely worth it.

Special features of the online fish shooting game iCá for iOS

Play the game of shooting fish to eat coins online. Play multiplayer at the same time, up to 4 people. Play challenge with many other people. Feature to transfer coins to other players. Daily tasks are rich and varied. Daily coin giveaway. Invite friends to play and receive coins via Facebook and Zalo.

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With simple gameplay, vivid sound effects, iCa has become an indispensable game on the phone of gamers who love shooting fish games. Download iCa for iOS and experience it right away!