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As you know, about 10 months ago, the big game company Supercell withdrew from the Vietnamese game market, due to unsatisfactory policy reasons.

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And with that, a series of famous games of the company also withdrew from Vietnam, such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Hay Day is no exception.

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Hay Day is a famous game in the world in general, and in Vietnam in particular, it is a farming and breeding genre game that is very close to our real life, so it is loved by many young people. Especially with the ladies!

It’s a pity for such a good game to be withdrawn from Vietnam, isn’t it? That’s why today I will show you how to download Hay Day game in Vietnam in the easiest way on Android and iOS phones.

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I. How to download Hay Day game for Android phones

Option #1: Download Hay Day via Apkpure website

+ Step 1: You go to a web browser => then access the website.

III. Conclusion

So I have very detailed instructions with you how to download Hay Day game on iPhone or Android, very simple and easy to do, right????

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