Hot Girl Undressing Magic Hands

You are a curious person who loves to discover beauty but never once removed a girl’s clothes to the last piece to admire each of her hot curves. Coming to the Magic Hand game, you only need a supporting phone (Java, Android, iPhone) that you can enjoy the beautiful curves of the hot girl kute thanks to your skillful hands.

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Download Hot Girl Dress Up Game Free

Belongs to the gentle entertainment genre that does not require skilled techniques to play, but Hot Girl Dress Up Game needs calm and patience to be able to gradually remove her clothes, although it is not difficult, but it is very time consuming. Don’t be impatient and damage the body. In the game Magic Hand, the first thing you do is choose a girl to start conquering her. Each girl has a different level of alertness, so the difficulty of touching her will be different. To conquer all the beauties in the game requires you to have a reasonable strategy. After choosing a satisfactory beauty is a process to come to fruition, of course it will be difficult to conquer. get her without her discovering your intentions.

Download Magic Hand Game Free

Be careful, she can startle and wake up if you are too strong. One way to know where you can start the take-off and release technique is only if your hand shows signs of a fist! In the Magic Hand Shop, there is an item to help you easier in conquering her such as: Anesthesia for her to sleep more deeply, “witch gloves” showing you the exact point to take off… Besides You can also restore sleep on the spot when she wakes up or increase the number of times you put her to sleep in the magic hand shop to continue working your magic.

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Show your dexterity on your hands by downloading Magic Hands game and start conquering your beauty. Wish you have fun playing the game.

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