If you are passionate about Pokemon games, you cannot ignore Lieh Hoa, a classic Pet fighting game with a huge number of Pets, divided by the Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Electric, and Devil systems. notch. Pet in Burning Fire can evolve and catabolize, with enhanced ability, the image of Pet changes extremely attractive. Players can capture Pets, use Pets as mounts, ride boats, swim on water and… fly on hot air balloons. In the beginning of Heaven and Earth, ten thousand years ago there were two gods, one maintaining order, the other ruling the chaotic world, restraining each other, maintaining the balance of the world. Bach Long, the head god of the Heavenly World, is in charge of governing order. The three guardians of the holy beast are Lei Ky Lan, Tinh Van Hac and Minh Vuong Long, respectively. Black Dragon, the head god of the Earth Realm in charge of governing the chaotic world. The four gods of war are Chien Than Da, Tuong Quan Giai, Linh Quang Loc and Hoa Phuong Hoang, respectively. Hundreds of years ago, because of constant fighting with each other, the two gods disappeared together. Not long after, the world appeared two Bao Chau, one white, one black. It is believed that this is the spirit of the ancient gods, with endless energy. Later, these two Bao Chau, one flew to Heaven, the other fell to the human world, continuing their mission of protecting the world. Young Neil in his youth was captured by the Black Dragon Legion and lost his childhood girlfriend. Therefore, he is determined to train to become the best Trainer, determined to find his kidnapped girlfriend. Entering the world of Pet Training, fighting with the strongest pets, Neil gradually discovers the secret of his girlfriend’s mysterious identity, about Hac Bach Bao Chau with the legendary Bach Long and Hac Long. .

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Download game pet kingdom: vietnamese fire for free:• 176×208: jad | jar• 240×320 (s40): jad | jar• 240×320 (s60): jad | jar• 320×240: jad | jar• 640×360: jad | jar • Android: apkDownload game Kingdom of Animals: Lieu Fire Vietnamese original not cracked:• 176×208 240×320 320×240 640×360 Android: Download

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