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Contra includes versions Contra1, Contra 2, Contra 3, Contra 4, Contra Force, Contra Adventure, Contra hardcops. Contra is one of the games associated with the childhood of the 8x early 9x generation, the period when most types of video games on four-button machines were very popular.

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Game Contra recreates an attractive and dramatic gunfight between a warrior and enemies with many modern weapons. Players will be that warrior and enter into skillful gunfights, using the Rambo gun to shoot down all obstacles in his way.

1. Contra 1, 2 and Force

2. Contra 3

Click on the Zsnesw.exe file. Click Game on the Menu select Load => Find the newly extracted Contra 3 alien wars folder => roms => Contra 3 – The Alien War.smc

3. Contra 4

Click on the file NOGBA.exe. In the window that opens, navigate to the newly extracted Contra 4 folder => Contra 4 => 1662 – Contra 4 (U)(Xenophobia).nsd

5. Contra Adventure

Click on the file psxfin.exe => Select File on the Menu of the window that appears => click on the line Insert CD image. Find the newly extracted Contra Adventure folder => => cd images -> ContraAdventure.bin

6. Contra hardcops

Click on the file Gens.exe. Click File on the Menu of the newly opened window => select Open Room => find the newly extracted Contra hardcops folder => Rooms => Contra—

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