Referring to Vietnamese folk songs, we certainly cannot ignore the very popular iOnline game with the attraction to millions of players both at home and abroad with a very simple and novel playing style and unique features. Unique and attractive features compared to games of the same genre for mobile phones.

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Download free iOnline game is the latest synthetic card game today with good quality, beautiful images with modern, youthful and unique style that integrates familiar mini-games of Vietnamese people such as: Xam , Lieng, Phom, TLMN, 3 Mau Binh, Blackjack, Scratch Cards, Poker, Poker, Chuong Ga … while playing the game you can just exchange and find friends, make friends, chat with other opponents at the table or off the table.

Game iOnline has a friendly interface system, close to smooth interaction with folk style but equally eye-catching and sophisticated design. Multi-platform support such as: Android,iOs,Window Phone are the most popular platforms in the world, so it is suitable for almost all mobile phones on the market today.

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Main features in the card game iOnline 2021

– Launching the Arena to upgrade the image, new interface

– Update comment audio, express emotions, update results, football

– Events: racing to the top, dropping the word hunting for VIP code, giving away gold at golden hour, Promotion of loading gold.

– Allows players to upload photos as avatars, quit the shop to buy old avatars

– Change the interface of the table, add new props

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– Added top of fortune, moving emoticons, combining village speakers and messages

– Add the top prize draw and those who have just drawn the prize

Participating in iOnline is not just a card game for fun, but when you join, you can also assert your talent on the intellectual arena of this mobile game with “big” events and prizes. Huge rewards up to millions of dong like “Samsung Galaxy S8,iphone7” … will definitely bring the feeling of “thrill”, “dramatic”, “refreshing” like playing in real life.

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Quickly download ionline for your mobile phone today, to experience the best game ever in the world of card games.