Dragon lobby mobile version includes 10 free games for phones that are very interesting and attractive. The application has a friendly interface, close, eye-catching and easy to use. If you are a card game enthusiast, do not miss this worthwhile game. Below, Dragon Hall would like to guide you to download free card games for your phone.

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To download mobile games, you need the following conditions:

Have a smartphone running iOS, Android or Windows Phone operating systemHave a Google Play, Appstore or Windows Store account. All accounts can be registered for free. There is a fast and stable Internet or 3G connection.

The first way: Download the card game on the app store

First, you start the application store on your phone, log in (if available). On iOS and Android devices, you can search with the keyword Lobby Dragon or Sanh Rong, and for Windows Phone phones, start with the keyword Garagames. The search results for phone games will be as shown below.

Select the application to view the content details. After making sure about the search results, perform the operation to download the Dragon Lobby card game by clicking the Install or Install button. You will likely have to re-enter your app store password at this step and agree to some of the app’s access requests.

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Wait a moment for the phone to perform the game download process. So you already own the Dragon Hall card game on your phone completely free. If you register a new account from your phone, you will immediately receive a Giftcode of 100,000 Gold to participate in super attractive games.

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Second way: Download the card game through the link

In case you are not really fluent with the search operations, you can download the free Dragon Lobby card game by directly clicking on the corresponding buttons below from your phone.

After clicking on the link, you will be taken directly to the app store. Now you just need to perform the same steps as the first way to complete the download of the game.

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The instructions to download free games for touch phones above do not apply to low-end phones, such as phones running Java operating system.

If you still want to learn in detail how to download games for each phone line, you can read the following articles: