Chicken Invaders is a famous classic chicken shooting game in the world, appealing to generations of players. Download chicken shooting to your device and fight against the invasion of the alien chickens.

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Continuous weapon upgrading is the key to victory in Chicken Invaders.

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Chicken Invaders 1 is the first version in the famous classic chicken shooting game series in the world, it has caused a fever for a long time and probably still many people like it now because the game is both highly entertaining, The image is very cute and fun, the later versions have a higher difficulty than the previous versions, increasing the level of attraction and attractiveness to players. In addition, you can play Chicken Invaders online at Gamevui.

Chicken Invaders fun game has many modes and levels for you to choose from, but the main goal is still to destroy the evil chickens to save the world. During the game, you will be able to upgrade weapons when you receive colored swirl symbols or choose to change weapons, receive Bosses, meteors, comets or reward boxes after each level. The game has beautiful graphics, vivid sound, attractive gameplay, so it attracts a large number of players.

The plot in the game Chicken Invaders 1

I still vividly remember the day the evil chickens invaded. Memories are still burning strongly in me, like spicy fried chicken wings…

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They came suddenly without warning, squawking menacingly. Their feathers were ruffled to cover the sun. Invading chickens come from space, they want to punish humans for oppressing their fellows on earth…

Immediately I knew what I had to do. I put down my half-eaten chicken thigh burger and jumped into the cockpit. With my fingers still greasy, I set the spacecraft’s laser guns to “extra crispy” and launched into space to stop the invading chickens.

Indeed, this task is not easy. Screams, feathers flying everywhere, the smell of burning chicken everywhere. They have invaded Earth 3 times, each time with a more sinister plan. And all three times I have repelled their invasions and forced them to retreat back to where they came from and secure human domination over the earth for a few more years.

After their final retreat, I sailed back to the safe side of my Space Burger to enjoy a glorious victory. With a sigh of relief, I sat down and treated myself to a chicken thigh burger with deep fried chicken wings.

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Little did I know that my greatest fight was still ahead…

More fun when playing 2 player mode in Chicken Invaders 1

Main features of Chicken Invaders 1 game

Many attractive levels Play interesting, fun Drive a spaceship to destroy the waves of evil chickens Collect items (chicken thighs, roasted chicken, gold coins, bullets…) to upgrade the power of the spaceship. and get more rockets Play bonus levels to earn gold coins and other cool rewards Support 2 player mode Customize controls in settings Sharp, colorful graphics, fun sounds Fight with many powerful chicken bosses at the end of each level. Left click to shoot bullets, right click to launch rockets

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To achieve a high score in the game Chicken Invaders, you must control the fighter skillfully, combine the ability to aim accurately, pay attention to defense, and constantly move the spacecraft within a safe range. The classic chicken shooting game Chicken Invaders 1 possesses a highly addictive ability for players of all ages. Download Chicken Invaders to experience hours of fun and relaxation!