D2VN – Wrath Of The Lich King

Instructions to download and install Diablo II version – D2VN

Current version D2VN DLL v1.7.78



D2VN Setup Guide

Step 1: Configuring the computer to play diablo II does not require much, just requires your computer to be Win 95, XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10. And download D2VN here. Download the game first.

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Note: a clean machine can ghost the machine so it can adjust the owner so that there is no error and the least error

P/s: I’m currently using Win 10 and my fpt laptop has been configured from 2008 to now.

Step 2: After doing the above steps, you can download the game: After you have downloaded the game folder, run the Diablo2VN.1.7.exe installation to proceed with the installation.

Destination folder: folder containing D2VN. Please click Browse to select the location you want. Click Install to proceed with the installation

P/S: After the installation is complete, the system will automatically pop up an automatic installation dialog to run D2VN.

Step 3: After doing the above, go to the installation directory D2VN.exe will appear as follows, then it is successful:

NOTE: But before Running File D2VN.exe wait for it to run and update the latest from D2VN !!

So the installation is complete: if you do it right, it will be 100% successful.

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Choose Server Online to fight!

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1. Fill in your username and password then press the LOG IN2 button.

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If you do not have an account, click Create New Account to register.3. Enter the account you want to log in with and the password

4. Remember to use the original gmail to activate the Master account

After LOGIN, the character selection table will appear as below

2. Join the room

3. Join the chat room

4. View the leaderboard

Have fun playing the game!! Welcome to Server Diablo2 – Vietnam