WTF is a phrase you often see on forums, social networks or in interactive online games, on mockups… Surely once you have wondered what WTF is, WTF stands for the word WTF. Why is it so commonly used? Find out what WTF means before you use it in your speech or writing to avoid situations where the sentence is not suitable for Vietnamese customs and traditions. And now, let’s find out the meaning of the WTF phrase with wwwtip.

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What mean WTF? The meaning of the WTF phrase you need to know

What mean WTF?

WTF is an acronym in English that is widely used and spread on the famous 9GAG community, followed by Haivl and now it has become widespread on Facebook.

In English, WTF is an abbreviation of the phrase What The Fuck, translated into Vietnamese, which means what the hell is that, what the fuck, damn it, … WTF is used to express emotions and attitudes. upset, unsatisfied or surprised by an event.

WTF is also synonymous with the phrase What The Hell (WTH) you can refer to this phrase here.

WTF is not suitable in Vietnamese fine customs and traditions, that’s why this phrase is not used formally in spoken and written language. Therefore, when using WTF, you should pay attention to the spoken context to ensure the formality and sophistication and be more appropriate in each story.

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Other meanings of WTF you need to know:

It’s surprising with the meaning above, isn’t it? However, WTF also has a number of other meanings that are not common, but also have slang meanings used in some other contexts. As follows:

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Want to fight: Want to fight?Welcome to Facebook: Welcome to Facebook.Welcome to FA: Welcome to the singles club.

In addition, in Taekwondo, the phrase WTF stands for World Taekwondo Federation, which translates into Vietnamese as the International Taekwondo Federation.

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Do you have your own answer about what WTF is? Then use the WTF phrase appropriately. And don’t forget to visit tip to update the latest news and HOT TRENd phrases of today’s youth.